Matt Frei Says Let's Get On With Brexit

1 October 2016, 10:28 | Updated: 1 October 2016, 18:21

Matt Frei was passionately in favour of remaining in the EU - but says now we voted to leave we should get on with Brexit.

Matt said that despite being unashamedly pro-European he thinks the uncertainty is damaging and Theresa May needs to speed up the process.

“Now let me be honest with you. I was in favour of remain, passionately in favour of remain. “

“Why? Because I am, I know this is a very unpopular thing to say these days, but I am through and through from the very fibre of my body from scalp to toe, I am a European. “

“I was born in Germany.  I was brought up in this country, I've lived in France, I lived in Spain. I lived in Italy. I speak a few European languages, albeit quite badly. “

“I feel comfortable in Europe. I also feel passionately that the European Union, despite all its many, many, many flaws is the best thing going that we have, whether you live in this country, whether you live in Germany, whether you live in Denmark.”

“The worst day of the European Union is better than the best day of a Europe that has been fragmented into rival nation states. “

“So having said that I can say I'm pro-remain, we lost the vote. I totally accept that, I can completely understand why people voted for Brexit in this country.”

“We need to start the process of uncoupling we want divorce. We need to know when we can move out of the house and do our own thing here in Britain