Matt Frei’s Inside View On Donald Trump

5 June 2016, 07:52 | Updated: 23 September 2016, 13:52

Matt Frei has spent some time with Donald Trump. This is his take on the outspoken billionaire who could be president.

The legendary journalist hosted his very own show on LBC on Saturday night and gave this analysis of the Republican candidate.

"Meeting him, he was extremely gracious at first, and then when I asked him a few more difficult questions and started needling him, he got more and more upset with me and started wagging his finger at me and kept telling me I'm really stupid."

"He's not actually as dislikable as many people think he is, but I do think that he is profoundly narcissistic, and quite petulant and also quite vindictive when he feels that people are having a go at him, and I don't know if those qualities are necessarily perfect for running the free world or sitting behind that large desk in the oval office."