Matt: World Would Curl Up In Horror If Other Leaders Gave A Speech Like Trump

21 January 2017, 16:08 | Updated: 23 January 2017, 07:42

Matt Frei On Trump

Matt Frei covered his 5th presidential inauguration yesterday and he couldn't quite believe what he saw.

The LBC, broadcasting live from Washington D.C. this morning, gave his take on Donald Trump's inauguration - the 5th presidential inauguration he's covered during his journalistic career.

But Matt pointed out that this one was very different.

He said: "Every president has to strike a patriotic note. This country does patriotism like perhaps no other country. This was a campaign speech, it's the kind of speech that he used to give in like places like West Virginia, or Iowa, or Ohio.

"To give that speech on the podium of the capital, to the rest of the world, not just to his own people, was unprecedented I think. Imagine that speech being given by a British Prime Minister.

"Or imagine it being given by a German chancellor? Or a Japanese Prime Minister? I mean the world would be curling up in horror at the thought of it. 

"Because you want to hear from the American President, the most powerful man on the planet, is that yes, he will put America first, but that there are certain nods to the obligations to allies."

He added: "Then, of course, you have to remind yourself that Donald Trump is a gift to comedy. Now whether you like the guy, or you hate the guy, he is a gift to comedy, and we must cling onto this fact."