Nicky Morgan Calls For All MPs To Compromise On Brexit To Break Deadlock

9 February 2019, 16:39 | Updated: 9 February 2019, 16:48

Tory Remainer Nicky Morgan joined Brexiters Iain Duncan Smith and Owen Paterson in warning Theresa May that a "few cursory tweaks" will not resolve the Brexit deadlock over the controversial Irish backstop.

The former Education Secretary said that she was working with people who she disagrees with in order to help break the Brexit deadlock preventing MPs from agreeing on a withdrawal agreement.

Writing a joint newspaper column, former ministers Nicky Morgan, Iain Duncan Smith, and Owen Paterson said that the issue of the Irish backstop won't be resolved with a "few cursory tweaks".

But speaking to Matt Frei, Ms Morgan said she believes progress towards a deal can be made if "everyone can get out of their trenches".

She said: "I think we are all becoming at risk of becoming more entrenched in our own positions and at some point everybody on all sides, if we seriously want there to be an agreement by the 29th of March, has to move a little bit."

Nicky Morgan tells Theresa May that a few tweaks to the backstop won't resolve the backstop
Nicky Morgan tells Theresa May that a few tweaks to the backstop won't resolve the backstop. Picture: LBC / PA

Her comments come after Theresa May met with EU officials in Brussels to set out Parliament's position on the issue of the backstop after a series of votes on amendments to her withdrawal agreement.

The Prime Minister secured the backing of 317 MPs to 301 to replace the backstop with "alternative arrangements" to keep the Irish border open after Brexit.

But European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker ruled out the potential changes, saying "there is no way to have a unilateral jumping out of the backstop".

Mrs May also spoke to European Council President Donald Tusk after he said there was a "special place in hell" for people who campaigned for Brexit without having a plan to deliver it.