North Korean official stamps out rumours of Kim Jong Un's death

2 May 2020, 14:26

By Seán Hickey

After news that the North Korean leader is not dead, this representative claimed Kim Jong Un was "never ill".

Matt Frei was joined by Alejandro Cao de Benós who is North Korea's representative in Europe and he was reassuring LBC listeners not only that Kim Jong-Un's health is good, but there has never been a worry for him in the hermit state.

Matt posed the story of last week that the leader had a botched stent operation to the representative. "Having a stent put in is a pretty ordinary operation, did he have a stent put in" Matt quizzed.

"There is no information indicating that" Mr Cao de Benós stated, adding that "his life was never in danger". Surprised by the revelations, Matt wanted to know if the leader was even ill to begin with. "I have no information saying that" he stated.

Matt moved the topic to coronavirus, arguing "when it comes to social distancing, North Korea is an expert in this" having spent decades in diplomatic isolation. He wanted to hear how the country was performing in terms of the pandemic.

The North Korean leader has been pictured alive and well after his health came into question
The North Korean leader has been pictured alive and well after his health came into question. Picture: PA

"There is not a single case of Covid in North Korea" the representative claimed, adding that "this has been confirmed by the WHO"

Matt asked to be excused for his skepticism, as North Korea has a track record of secrecy and lying. Mr Cao de Benós added that the disciplined border strategy of the DPRK has led to such an impressive record.

Matt prodded, pointing out that these strong borders have led to many people defecting from the country and calling it a cruel regime. "These people are completely ignorant" Mr Cao de Benós stated, also making the point that these people leave the hermit state and become "propaganda mouthpieces for South Korea and they end up on the streets of Seoul."

"They have closed the country but they are safe from a health point of view" he told Matt and said this reason is because of a North Korean desire to "put the health of the people before any trade or profit."

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