Support for Priti Patel shows politicians are 'disengaged with people,' argues caller

21 November 2020, 13:47

By Seán Hickey

This caller argued that the support for Priti Patel despite bullying allegations shows a disconnect between politicians and the people.

Marcia phoned in from Harlesden to share her anger wit hMatt Frei, after the former leader of the Conservatives noted that the bullying report also mentioned poor work ethic from civil servants.

"It's outrageous that members of parliament can come on the radio and try excuse this behaviour. No one deserves to be treated with a lack of respect," the caller insisted.

She wondered whether the British public really want to be represented by people who seem to be defending and justifying bullying.

"I'm stunned," the caller told Matt, adding that the attitude of Iain Duncan Smith "is outrageous and disgusting and wrong," following his suggestion that the Home Secretary was provoked into acting against poor working standards.

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Government MPs have come out in support of the Home Secretary following allegations of bullying
Government MPs have come out in support of the Home Secretary following allegations of bullying. Picture: PA

Marcia imagined the majority of the public would oppose the support for Ms Patel: "We don't expect the people that represent us to go around screaming, shouting and bullying people."

The caller told Matt that the support for the Home Secretary "brings our government into disrepute – it makes government, parliamentarians look completely disengaged from ordinary people."

"There is no excuse for treating someone with no respect," she added, ending by telling Matt that if Ms Patel finds the job so stressful, "maybe don't do it."