Republican Struggles To Explain Why Trump Can't Rise Above Criticism

27 October 2018, 12:21 | Updated: 29 October 2018, 08:01

A Donald Trump supporter struggled to tell Matt Frei why the President is unable to rise above criticism after he attacked Hilary Clinton just hours after police arrest a person for the mail-bomb scare targeting his Democratic critics.

A Republican was lost for words when Matt Frei put to her that Donald Trump is unable to receive criticism.

Jan Halper-Hayes questioned Matt's line of enquiry when he suggested it was hypocritical of the US President to 'call for unity' after Democrats were targeted in a mail-bomb scare but to then call for Hilary Clinton to be locked up just hours later.

Thirteen devices were sent to a number of critics of Donald Trump, including several Democratic figures.

President Trump's main election opponent Hilary Clinton was the target of one of the packages, as was former President Barack Obama, former Vice-President Joe Biden, and actor Robert De Niro.

Matt told Jan, a former Worldwide VP for Republicans Overseas, that Trump's recent statements were "mixed messaging at its very worst".

But the Republican replied only to question his question, asking why he had not mentioned a campaign to chase Republicans out of restaurants and other public places.

Donald Trump pointing to the media during a campaign rally in North Carolina
Donald Trump pointing to the media during a campaign rally in North Carolina. Picture: PA

But she was speechless when Matt asked why Donald Trump was not able to 'rise above' criticism.

"He's calling for unity, fair enough, but at the same time he can not resist going after the people who just had bombs sent to them in the post," he said.

She replied: "They have encouraged people to bombard our politicians in restaurants and chase them out of places. Let's look at the difference between words and behaviour. His words aren't hurting anyone."

The Republican then clashed with a Washington Post columnist when he suggested Trump's rhetoric may be to blame.

Brian Klass, an assistant professor in Global Politics at UCL, said: "Words matter, and the words of the president matter immensely.

"Jan is trying to compare people being rude to politicians at restaurants with somebody who literally tried to assassinate American political leaders because they criticise the President.

"It is so different from sending viable pipe bombs to every one of Trump's favourite targets who he attacks in violent rhetoric all day on Twitter."

Watch the pair clash in the video above.