Terminally ill caller's moving story puts lockdown into perspective

28 November 2020, 13:28

By Seán Hickey

LBC listeners were moved by this honest conversation with a caller who is determined to see through Christmas, despite battling terminal cancer.

Simon Cowls is a regular caller to Matt Frei's show and has been keeping LBC listeners up to date as he battles terminal cancer during the lockdown.

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The 52-year-old told Matt that he's currently "battling with eight tumours," but he is determined to fight on.

In previous conversations, Mr Cowls was hopeful to travel around the nation with his wife once restrictions eased.

"We managed to get out to the country in the camper van," he told Matt, telling him it was a "brief respite from a somewhat turgid summer."

Mr Cowls gave Matt an update on how he's coping in lockdown
Mr Cowls gave Matt an update on how he's coping in lockdown. Picture: PA

He went on to tell listeners he has gradually been able to see all of his family individually, noting that "it's not about what the rules say, it's how we manage the risk."

"Even a common cold would kill me," Mr Cowls revealed.

Matt wondered why, if the caller was going to die of cancer, he is worried about catching coronavirus. "I want to push this out as long as I can," Mr Cowls clarified.

"I don't want to hasten my demise."

He added that the extended restrictions have allowed him to "find the simple pleasures in life," where he has taken up reading again and gotten back in touch with nature.

Mr Cowls put everything in perspective despite his optimism: "In the deepest darkest moments of the night, I do question how much longer I can go on."

Watch the full, emotional conversation above.