Trump Is Putting Our Lives In Danger, Guam Senator Tells LBC

9 August 2017, 09:05

A senior Senator in Guam hit out at Donald Trump's "incendiary comments" after the island was threatened with a nuclear attack by North Korea.

After the President of the US promised "fire and fury the like of which the world has never seen" in response to intelligence that North Korea now has nuclear weapons.

Kim Jong Un's nation then said it was "carefully examining" missile attack on the US territory of Guam.

Senator Benjamin Cruz, the Speaker of the Guam legislature, said that

He told Matt Frei: "I am worried and I am upset.

"Because these kinds of threats affect us directly. To make those kinds of incendiary comments put us at threat and our lives in danger.

"Maybe the missiles can't go all the way to Los Angeles or Washington DC, but they can affect us on Guam. We cannot be the victims of another war because of the United States."

Donald Trump has been criticised over his comments to North Korea
Donald Trump has been criticised over his comments to North Korea. Picture: PA / iStock

When Matt asked if he felt like collateral damage of Donald Trump's rhetoric, Senator Cruz responded: "Well yes. In World War II, we were occupied by three years and we're just now getting reparations for that.

"My parents and many of my contemporaries suffered through the war.

"I don't like it when people make threatening comments to an unstable man who could react by harming my community."