Trump's ex-communications chief on the exact moment he turned against the President

8 February 2020, 15:33

Anthony Scaramucci was very close to Donald Trump and remained very loyal to him even after being fired. But he revealed the one incident that turned him against the President.

Mr Scaramucci was on the campaign trail with Trump during the campaign and became the White House Director of Communications, before being sacked by the President after just 11 days.

He continued to back his former boss, but speaking to Matt Frei, he revealed the one incident that he simply couldn't back him on and now he is an outspoken critic of President Trump.

He said: "When I was fired, I stayed loyal to the President and his agenda for two years.

Matt Frei spoke to Anthony Scarmucci
Matt Frei spoke to Anthony Scarmucci. Picture: LBC / PA

"But you're separating women from their children at the border and putting them in cages, you're disavowing the intelligence agencies, he went viciously after the press and I'm a big believer in the free press.

"But the final straw was he told the African-American congresswoman that they needed to go back to the country that she originally came from, even though three of them were born in the United States.

"That became a red line for me where I said this stuff is unacceptable behaviour coming from the leader of the free world."