Trump's Treatment Of Iran Is "Totally Moronic"

14 October 2017, 10:54

Sir Nicholas Soames has told Matt Frei he believes the American president "can't function without an enemy."

Donald Trump has accused Tehran of "multiple violations" of the Iran nuclear deal, which curbs its weapons programme.

He wants Congress and America's allies to strengthen it.

Major allies of the United States, including the UK, France and Germany, have all rejected President Trump's assessment that the agreement isn't working.

The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says Mr Trump's claims are "baseless".

Speaking to Matt Frei this morning, Sir Nicholas Soames called the President's intervention "totally moronic."

The Conservative MP said: "I thought what the President said last night, with all possible respect to the leader of one of our great allies, was totally moronic.

"There is no one that I know, who knows anything about this, that believes Iran is not compliant with the treaty.

"There are very serious, very outstanding issues with Iran which we all know about. But those outstanding matters, frankly, could well be dealt with by diplomacy.

"The trouble with Trump is, as you know, he can't function without an enemy. He's rather like the Daily Mail."

Watch the whole clip above.