US Expert Nails Why Donald Trump Is So Popular

4 May 2016, 07:54 | Updated: 21 September 2016, 10:44

Matt Frei has given a perfect explanation on America's love/hate relationship with Donald Trump.

The controversial businessman is now the presumptive Republican nominee for the US Presidential race after Ted Cruz dropped out following defeat in Indiana.

Mr Frei, formerly the US correspondent for Channel 4, told Nick Ferrari that blue collar Americans think that Mr Trump is on their side.

Speaking on LBC, he said: "They don't like his language, they don't like what he says about Muslims, they don't really like what he says about getting Mexico to build a wall to keep out Mexican migrants from the United States.

"But what they really don't like about him is that they think he's a Democrat in disguise. Donald Trump wants to raise taxes on hedge fund managers, he wants to raise the minimum wage, he wants to start a trade war with China.

"He wants to do all the things that have so far not happened because they've benefitted the elite of the Republican Party. He speaks a little bit like Jeremy Corbyn, or the American version Bernie Sanders.

"He says he is on the side of the little guy. And the little guy thinks 'Hang on, he is a nasty bully. I don't like this guy, I would never want to spend a day on holiday with this guy. But he is a bully on my side.'

"That's what blue collar America - and indeed a few others - think that they really need at this stage."