Vicky Ford: Christopher Chope's Behaviour "Out Of Touch"

9 February 2019, 11:04

Sir Christopher Chope's objection to a bill aimed to give greater protection to children from FGM shows he is "out of touch" and his behaviour "has to stop", Vicky Ford says.

The Tory MP and member of the Women and Equalities Committee said that Sir Chope's behaviour was "completely not acceptable".

But when Matt Frei asked whether he should be punished, she said: "This can not continue, it is not acting in the best interests of women and children."

"A number of my female colleagues have been discussing this morning the fact that we would like to ask for a meeting with Sir Christopher.

"This has to stop."

- Tom Swarbrick: Christopher Chope Should Face Punishment For Blocking FGM Bill

Sir Christopher Chope
Sir Christopher Chope. Picture: Getty

The Tory MP refused to be drawn to say whether Sir Chope should be deselected as a form of punishment.

She said: "I'm not going to comment on that, that of course is up to his parliamentary association, but it has to stop.

"This can not continue to happen to important issues.

"Sir Christopher is out of touch, it's not acceptable, and it has to stop."

The controversial Tory faced heavy criticism after he called out his objection to the Private Members' Bill yesterday afternoon.

Sir Chope had already blocked a previous amendment which would made it easier to prevent female genital mutilation (FGM) in children but called out his objection in line with his protest against Private Members' Bills because he believes laws shouldn't be passed without full debate in the House of Commons.

He also came under heavy fire after blocking legislation that would have made 'up-skirting' a crime.