Mark Field Can Not Be "Let Off" For Protester Incident: Women's Equality Party Leader

22 June 2019, 16:04

The leader of the Women's Equality Party says Tory MP Mark Field should face the prospect of losing his seat after footage emerged of him physically removing a protester from a black tie dinner.

Mandu Reid told Matt Frei there should be a zero-tolerance response to incidents of this kind, and Mark Field should not be "let off" for fear it will have "far-reaching consequences".

"I'm astonished and appalled," she added.

But when Matt put to the party leader that Mr Field had been suspended as a Minister and the protester was not pressing charges, Ms Reid said suspension was "not enough".

"Suspension is an appropriate first step, but it's not enough - it's a sticking plaster until the public outrage dies down," she said.

"I personally feel that this man should not be entitled to represent constituents, he should not be entitled to vote on legislation that affects women's lives.

"He should face recall by his constituents, he should face the prospect of losing his seat, anything else is literally a scenario where we are apologising for violence against women."

The Conservative MP was suspended as a Minister while investigations take place after he physically removed a protester from an event at Mansion House in which the Chancellor Philip Hammond was speaking.

Mr Field referred himself to the Cabinet Office after footage emerged of him pushing a Greenpeace protester against a pillar before grabbing her neck and pushing her out of the room.

The MP intervened when Philip Hammond's speech was disrupted by dozens of demonstrators.

In a statement after the incident, Mr Field said he "deeply regrets this episode" and "unreservedly apologises" to the woman.