Boris Johnson is concerned with spin, not caring for the public, caller tells LBC

16 May 2020, 09:20 | Updated: 16 May 2020, 09:21

Boris Johnson is only concerned with spin, not caring for the public

By Seán Hickey

The Prime Minister's track record of trying to control the conversation around government action is proof he doesn't care for people's health, a caller told LBC.

"I am very disappointed with how the government handled this" Basil told Matt Stadlen. He insisted that it is not characteristic of the Conservatives to take care of the public and this has been seen in the last year through the actions of Boris Johnson before the coronavirus crisis.

"It's not likely the Tories do the caring thing" Basil pointed out. "It's usually the socialists, Labour that do that."

The caller asked Matt to cast his mind back to the general election campaign of 2019. "Do you remember him being presented with a photo of a child on the floor in a hospital?" The caller asked, referencing an interview the PM conducted where he confiscated the phone of a journalist to stop being faced with the image.

Basil told Matt that this sort of behaviour was "indicative of a potential leader who doesn't have the basic care instinct in him." After winning the election, Basil believed that the PM "surrounded himself by yes people and wants to save the game of capitalism", leading to the current coronavirus strategy whereby people feel scared by the government's encouragement to return to work.

The caller used the Prime Minister's election campaign as proof that he only cares about controlling narratives
The caller used the Prime Minister's election campaign as proof that he only cares about controlling narratives. Picture: PA

"I don't think he has heart and I don't trust him" Basil maintained, adding that the PM is only concerning himself with "controlling narrative and emotion" of the British public.

Matt agreed in some points of Basil's, reminding him that the "government has a track record of not putting people up for certain shows, it's not good enough."

The caller believed the proof of Boris Johnson's only concern being with how the government controls narratives is the daily coronavirus briefings. He told Matt that these conferences are a blatant attempt for the government to spread propaganda and avoid tough questions of how they're fighting the virus and improving the situation across the UK.

"I constantly get spin and it's agony to listen to" a dejected Basil concluded.

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