Caller's Incredible Knife Crime Insight: 'Immigrants Are Fighting Over Postcode'

11 June 2017, 09:34 | Updated: 11 June 2017, 10:06

This caller gave Matt Stadlen an astounding inside into gang knife crime, recounting his own losses, experiences, and offering what he thinks is the root cause.

During a conversation about rising knife crime, this caller gave Matt Stadlen an incredible insight into the bleak reality of gang knife crime today.

He told Matt about three people he knew who were fatally stabbed, and because knife crime is so common, most of them happened in 'casual' circumstances.

The caller said: "Five people I know that I have come across, three have died. One guy was sort of like playing with his mate with a knife, on the street they carry knives, playing, it hit an artery in the neck, and he died within an hour."

He went onto recount the other casual circumstances in which cousins fatally stabbed each other over small disputes.

The caller added: "They underestimate how serious a knife is." 

He said he thinks that some music heavily contributes to encouraging knife crime, and especially 'postcode wars'. 

The caller continued: "I 100 per cent believe that music has big, massive, influence on it."

Matt said: "How interesting, why do you say that?"

The caller replied: "I live in in an area where there is a lot of people on the street, especially teenagers, and you know, they listen to music, you know 'I'm from this area, you can't come to this postcode'. 

"They are fighting over postcodes. You know, this guy doesn't like that area, and he mentions it in a song, and then they all fight each other for no reason.

"And you know what the funny thing is? Most of the people carrying knives are not even from this country to be fighting over postcodes. That's what blows my mind.

"You guys are not even from the area, we should be grateful that we're in England. We've come here to better our education, have a better life. Instead, we're fighting over postcodes that don't even belong to us!"

He went on: "I come from an immigrant background and a lot of people from my background are carrying knives."