Cornish Caller Can't Stop Laughing At The "Idiots" Still Supporting Brexit

10 December 2017, 08:44

Cornishman Mike said he found the Brexit decision hilarious and thanked the "idiots" that voted for it.

This LBC caller couldn't contain his laughter while discussing the Brexit negotiations with Matt Stadlen.

Phase two of Brexit negotiations will start next year, after the UK and EU reached agreement last week on the divorce bill, the Irish border and citizens rights.

Mike in Cornwall thought the whole process was hilarious, describing Leave voters as idiots, particularly after the the first phase of talks outlined Britain's new-found inferiority in relation to Europe.

He told Matt: "I have never laughed as much, ever, as seeing the shambles that those idiots that voted Brexit have got this country into.

"Thanks very much everybody, they've now lumbered us with a £39bn bill, for an open back door from Ireland.

"A country that I fly to every other a week, on a driving license. This is utterly, utterly unbelievable.

"I think they were absolutely hood-winked and conned, dare I say gullible.

"My friend, I'm still waiting to get all those extra millions that we were promised for our health service.

"I guess any of us with any political savvy realised then we were being fed a lie. Come on, we're a tiny country, an offshore island off the coast of Europe. Who do these people think we are?

"We have to face reality.

"People won't be told. There's still the old imperial mindset. Britannia rules the waves, we can go happily off into the sunset."

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