Coronavirus: Caller reveals what happened when office co-worker caught the supervirus

9 February 2020, 15:40

Matt Stadlen heard a caller's remarkable account of how people in Hong Kong are living in fear over the spread of coronavirus.

David told him that people are being temperature tested before they are being allowed into buildings and have to use anti-bacterial gel everywhere.

And he revealed the concern that he has after his co-worker was suspected of having novel coronavirus.

Speaking on LBC, he said: "It's a city in absolute terror. The streets are deserted, restaurants are empty. The whole city is living in absolute fear. Everybody is very very scared.

"My company has been on working from home since Chinese New Year. We have offices in Beijing and Shanghai, so we have guys who go into China all the time.

Hong Kong residents panic buy toilet tissue at a supermarket
Hong Kong residents panic buy toilet tissue at a supermarket. Picture: PA

"In my office building there has been one suspected case of coronavirus, so the whole building trembles. You cannot anticipate how careful you have to be with this sort of thing.

"Hong Kong is full of tall buildings, we have to get into lifts. And lifts are terrible. If somebody's got this thing and they're pressing lift buttons, then you can pick it up very easily.

"The lift buttons now are covered in anti-bacterial strips, which are replaced every two hours. You have guys spraying every service to try to stop people picking it up by contact."

Listen to his very frank account at the top of the page.