Grenfell Tower Resident Tells Matt How Protesters Made Things Worse

17 June 2017, 07:53 | Updated: 17 June 2017, 08:28

This caller, who lived in Grenfell Tower, told Matt Stadlen how protesters actually stopped him from being able to get help.

While speaking with Matt Stadlen, the Grenfell Tower resident called for peace, and not for protest, during these difficult times.

The caller said: "Today (Friday) I managed to get some help but then they said to me there's some cash available to get, they want to collect some money for me, and for the family. 

Crowds Of Grenfell Fire Protesters Storm Kensington And Chelsea Town Hall

"But then what happened was, they said, if you run out of cash then you need to go to the town hall. So I made my way to the Town Hall, and they said to me, give us 15-20 minutes we'll get you something. 

"They said in the mean time go to the hall and get some clothes for yourself. While I was there something happened outside. The lights went off, we were locked in for like half an hour. 

"From there they made us go out of the back door and told us to just go home."

Matt said: "Was this when people managed to get into the town hall, demonstrators? Or are you talking about a different time?"

The caller replied: "Yes, the same time."

Matt then asked him what his message would be, as someone who is in "desperate need of help". 

The man said: "All I can say oh behalf of the people that live there is, we want a peaceful, we want help from the government, we don't want anybody to come on and break things up and create more trouble for us."

He added: "I was in the middle of getting some help and I had to, everybody had to, leave and go home through the back doors. Because I went for today, I didn't get it."

Earlier on in Matt's show he spoke about the community's reaction to the fire, as he was "born and bred" in the area, and had been helping out every day since. 

Watch what he had to say below.