Homeless Caller Talks About Her "Hellish" Experience

23 December 2018, 17:30 | Updated: 23 December 2018, 17:42

Caller describes how she was put in an "absolute hovel" after she and her husband couldn't afford to rent privately.

A homeless caller told Matt Stadlen that the emergency accommodation she was given was above a restaurant where it was "infested with vermin and mould".

Aisha from Lambeth called Matt Stadlen to highlight the poor conditions she lives in, despite being a working professional.

Matt Stadlen
Matt Stadlen. Picture: LBC

The call was made after research by Crisis found 170,000 families and individuals were facing the worst forms of homelessness.

A total of 12,300 cases were sleeping rough in 2017, which is a 98% increase on 2012 and nearly 12,000 were staying in vehicles or tents, the study found.

On her experience, Aisha said: "I feel like absolute rubbish right now. Just scum.

"We were working, we're professionals, we were just down on our luck for a time.

"Then to be told 'you get what you're given'...it was completely dehumanising."