"Stop this shameful deportation flight to Jamaica," demands Matt Stadlen

10 February 2020, 10:23

Matt Stadlen demanded that the government halt the flight that is deporting 'foreign criminals' to Jamaica, because many of them were brought up in the UK.

A number of Jamaicans in the UK have launched a legal bid to stop their deportation on a Home Office charter flight on Tuesday. Up to 50 people are due to be put on the flight.

But speaking on his LBC show, Matt Stadlen outlined why this flight needs to be halted.

He said: "On Tuesday, a flight is due to depart for Jamaica and on-board are so-called foreign criminals, many of whom were brought up in this country having come here as young children.

"Amongst them is a man who served a two-month prison sentence 10 years ago for a crime that he wouldn't be convicted of today. He came here from Jamaica, aged 11. He now has a young British baby and a wife here in this country. He's going to be on board that flight unless something intervenes.

"It is absolutely disgusting. Where is the humanity? Where is the compassion?

Matt Stadlen urged the government to halt the deportation flights
Matt Stadlen urged the government to halt the deportation flights. Picture: PA / LBC

"This bloke is, to all intents and purposes, British. He is essentially as British as me. I bet you he sounds as British as I do. This is someone who hasn't lived in Jamaica for his adult life. He may not know anybody there.

"He wouldn't have spent any time in prison if he'd done it now because the law has changed. And yet we think it is ok to expel him from the country. It's almost like the old days of penal colonies.

"I think it is shameful, absolutely shameful.

"It makes me furious that Boris Johnson just thinks the British people will think it's right that 'foreign criminals' are sent back. Sent back? Sent to places where they came from and emigrated to this country from with their parents as an 11-year-old.

"It is such a bad reflection on this country. It is horrendous.

"Of course you should go to prison if you do bad stuff. But if you're brought up here, then you're our problem. We should rehabilitate you.

"You want to be proud to be British? This brave new world of Brexit Britain. Let's be able to hold our heads up high."

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