Tory Councillor For Ramsgate Port Angry With Government Over No Deal Planning

6 January 2019, 17:19 | Updated: 6 January 2019, 18:05

The Tory councillor for Ramsgate Port says it won't be ready in time to operate extra ferry services in the event of a no deal Brexit.

Councillor Beverly Martin told Matt Stadlen that the port will not be ready to operate extra ferry services by March 29th and says she is "becoming angry" with the government because of a lack of information.

"There's a lack of information, a lack of transparency about everything to do with the port, the dredging, with the boats, I see no boats, I'm becoming angry because at the very least we deserve transparency," she said.

"Whatever arrangements may need to be made to accommodate Brexit - fine, we all have to be grown up about this.

"But it has been suggested whether this might be a piece of political theatre and nobody so far who has joined this conversation has said it isn't."

Ramsgate Ferry Port
Ramsgate Ferry Port. Picture: Getty

But when Matt asked whether she thought the port would be ready to begin accepting additional ferry services, she said: "It should be ready for the 29th March, but then again nobody knows.

"On the 6th December we had a full council meeting, and at that meeting there was no mention of ferries or any movement of ferries, or any engagement with Seaborne Freight of any formal nature and no mention of dredging.

"We then go into the long recess for Christmas and New Year and suddenly dredging has begun.

"I would be a lot more comfortable if we could have real answers on the table for the community."