'I'm trying to use facts': Natasha Devon clashes with caller over police priorities

10 July 2022, 17:25

By Tim Dodd

Natasha Devon took on this caller who said the next Prime Minister needs to focus on law and order because of the "incorrect" involvement of police at events such as Extinction Rebellion protests.

It comes as Trade minister Penny Mordaunt has joined the race for the Tory leadership, becoming the ninth candidate to throw her hat in the ring.

"The problems that you're referring to of people not getting the support that they need from the police, that has to do with police numbers being cut, and austerity, and the police officers that are being trained to replace those who have left the profession not being experienced enough. So that's the fault of the government that's been in power since 2010, no?" Natasha told the caller.

"No, it's nothing to do with police numbers," said David in Sheffield.

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"Police are being sent on a whole variety of different things.

"This is a prime example of the incorrect use of the police force. For a start, Extinction Rebellion. They're there to maintain law and order on the streets, yet the Extinction Rebellion people were allowed to do whatever they want, disrupting millions of people who are trying to get to work."

David also said police "dress up" and "dance", neglecting "normal" crimes.