Comedian reflects on the confidence of men who think they can take a point off Serena Williams

19 November 2020, 13:46

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment comedian Richard Herring spoke about the confidence of men who think they can take a point off Serena Williams in a tennis match.

The comedian talked about the subject while being interviewed by LBC's Natasha Devon ahead of International Men's Day.

He was speaking to LBC about his new book 'The Problem with Men'.

Mr Herring said: "It's insane. It's an underestimation of how brilliant professional tennis players are."

You can listen to the full interview on LBC on Saturday from 7pm.

New research has found almost half of men have struggled with mental health problems in the past six months.

The same amount have admitted feeling more isolated than ever as coronavirus restrictions separate them from their 'support network'.

People are being urged to check in with friends, family and colleagues on International Men's Day.

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