Elderly caller's eye-opening suggestions on how UK can recover from pandemic

20 September 2020, 11:46 | Updated: 20 September 2020, 11:54

Natasha Devon's heartwarming conversation with elderly caller

By Seán Hickey

This elderly caller offered Natasha Devon a few points where the UK can improve in fighting the pandemic so we come out of it 'relatively unscathed.'

Joan phoned in from Maidenhead to insist that "Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings...have got to call a COBRA meeting."

She told Natasha Devon that putting heads together on fighting the pandemic would be better than leaving everything to one institute. "We are a United Kingdom," she said, "not only a government."

The caller went on to point out that after the controversy of the internal markets bill "nobody trusts Boris Johnson," or Dominic Cummings on their own and they should be held to account by other leaders.

Natasha wondered which UK leaders the caller trusted, to which she noted that Nicola Sturgeon has impressed.

"All of them are very frustrated," she admitted, especially when their decision making ability is limited.

The caller told Natasha the UK needs to unite against Covid-19
The caller told Natasha the UK needs to unite against Covid-19. Picture: PA

On a separate topic, Joan told Natasha that people should think further ahead during the pandemic and plan their long term goals "instead of having short term escapes," which ultimately make the situation worse.

She also made the case for introducing universal basic income, noting that "so many people are desperate," in these times and it would save the government millions in the long-term.

Natasha was impressed by the callers points, agreeing that the UK needs to fix those problems in society "if we are to ever leave Covid unscathed."

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