Writer hits out at Government for lack of support for the arts: 'None of it makes any sense'

18 October 2020, 09:33 | Updated: 18 October 2020, 10:40

Tracy-Ann Oberman on importance of saving live theatre amid pandemic

By Seán Hickey

A prominent figure in the world of the performing arts has told LBC future generations will suffer as a result of the lack of support for performing arts amid the pandemic

"We will end up with a generation that will never experience what it's like to sit in an audience with a group of people," said Tracy-Ann Oberman, actress, writer and antisemitism campaigner.

Natasha Devon asked her "what needs to happen to save local community venues" amid the coronavirus crisis, which has seen establishments across the country shut indefinitely because of a lack of clarity coming from Government.

"I wouldn't want to be making the decisions," Ms Oberman said, adding that "no country has got this right" and artists across the globe have suffered as a result of the crisis.

Natasha pointed out that "there has been so much emphasis on hospitality that maybe some other industries have been left behind." She wondered if the writer felt the arts have been left behind.

Ms Oberman felt the arts were being left behind in industry support amid the crisis
Ms Oberman felt the arts were being left behind in industry support amid the crisis. Picture: PA

Ms Oberman insisted that the arts are "a massive earner for this country" and the industry has undoubtedly been left behind.

"The thing I don't totally understand is how you can sit on a plane, how you can go grouse shooting how you can sit in a pub until nine o'clock but yet you can't go to the theatre, or you can't go to a comedy club," she wondered.

"Incompetency it may be, but none of it makes any sense."

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