People should think of less fortunate when lockdown ends, says caller

2 January 2021, 14:16

By Seán Hickey

This caller asked for the public to be aware of those who continue to live in isolation when the pandemic ends.

Tim phoned in to Natasha Devon to point out that many in our society such as the disabled will continue to live life with restrictions when lockdowns end.

"I wanted to point out that when this is all over...I want people to just stop, think and look around when they're on their holiday. How many people do they see that have got disabilities in their resort?"

The caller reminded Natasha that during the lockdown there were homeless people put up in hotels by the Government, which made the public aware of the daily plight of those who aren't as fortunate as the rest of us.

"Groups of people that the bulk of the public may not have in their circle of friends were taken care of," he said, arguing that "prior to the pandemic, these people didn't exist."

Tim added that the public should be more compassionate when the pandemic ends: "The majority of people are experiencing what these people have since the dawn of time," and we should recognise that when we remind ourselves how tough coronavirus has been.

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Natasha sided completely with Tim. She noted that "people have been screaming out for better services for mental health," over the last decade and those calls have only amplified during lockdown.

"Now we've all had a little taste of what that's like, suddenly that's a problem."

She told listeners that "we're getting a little taste of what certain sectors of society have to endure whether there's a lockdown or not," and agreed with the caller in his point that we should be more compassionate of disadvantaged people when the pandemic ends.

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