ICU worker's harrowing plea to public to listen to Covid-19 advice

31 January 2021, 13:32

ICU worker begs public to stay home and prevent spread

By Seán Hickey

This hospital worker pleaded with the public to abide by lockdown rules to keep pressure off the NHS.

Mohammed spoke to Natasha Devon just ten minutes before he started a shift at his hospital, where he works in an ICU department.

He told LBC that he felt it his "responsibility to convey to the public" the situation in British hospitals.

"People are dying out there, the staff are so stretched," he began, giving an impression of the extent of the issue.

"It is scary" he revealed.

Mohammed told Natasha that "the frontline workers in the NHS, they are tiring out," and flouting restrictions will only make matters worse for these people.

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Natasha sympathised with the NHS worker, admitting to reading that "nobody is allowed, or able, to take a break," such is the strain on the system.

She highlighted that the warnings coming from healthcare workers "seem to be dismissed as people think it's only the very elderly" who are affected.

Mohammed assured Natasha that it is "a wide range of people, I think, we see."

He added that those who do become afflicted with coronavirus end up battling a "life-changing problem"

"People have to be very careful, that is the message I need to give you," Mohammed said.

"I fear doing my work for this country."

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