'Right-wing bias' of British 'media machine' makes Boris Johnson unstoppable, caller fears

30 May 2021, 13:57

By Seán Hickey

This caller believes that the power of 'the media machine' over the British public is responsible for Tory dominance in Westminster.

Natasha Devon was reflecting on how, despite revelations made by Dominic Cummings this week, the Conservatives haven't suffered a significant drop in support.

Kubilay phoned in to tell Natasha that he believed that "the media machine" has been propping up the Government for some time and a fractured opposition helps the Tories hold on

"There is a centre-right, right-wing bias throughout this country" he claimed, and told Natasha that "there's not really a discourse from the other side" which results in a "disenfranchised" left.

"You can never underestimate the media machine and the power that it has on the people."

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Natasha supported the caller's claims, noting that "Labour's kind of thrown the baby out with the bathwater" by sacking Jeremy Corbyn, but also distancing from his policies.

Kubilay argued that the Tories have been "emboldening the far-right" through their policies and if they continue while the opposition remains weak "you'll end up with a dystopian future with no conversation."

He went on to state that the Conservatives and the media are "adhering to making money for each other" which means that those with all the power in society are keeping themselves in positions of authority.

"People and ideologies are cementing themselves as pillars of society going forward" the caller concluded.