Caller's bankruptcy fears amid second lockdown in England

1 November 2020, 11:29

By Seán Hickey

This caller shared his concern over England's second lockdown, telling LBC that he may have to declare bankruptcy due to a lack of financial support.

Natasha Devon spoke to Mehdi, a taxi driver who was worried about how he would provide for his family in the event of a second national lockdown.

"If it is passed in parliament on Monday I will ring my bank and declare bankruptcy," he revealed, telling Natasha that because of a lack of support for the self-employed at the moment he could end up in serious financial trouble.

He said that the "airport business is already gone," which was his main income before lockdown. "I've been relying on the pubs. Now the pubs are closed, what am I supposed to do?"

According to the caller, he is only liable for 40% of his last year's income.

The caller worried his taxi would cease to be viable during lockdown
The caller worried his taxi would cease to be viable during lockdown. Picture: PA

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"They're not even going to cover 20% of my break even," Mehdi said. He was worried for his children and wife in this time, telling Natasha he couldn't work out how he will fend for them if the worst outcome happens.

Natasha wondered if he had a contingency plan should he struggle to make ends meet as a result of the second lockdown. Medhi told her that he was applying for delivery jobs to provide for his family as he cannot imagine his taxi will be profitable.

"Hopefully I can get money to survive," he noted.

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