Women 'active perpetrators' in gang culture, warns caller

7 February 2021, 12:03

Caller stresses role of women in gang violence

By Seán Hickey

This caller told LBC that women can be active members of gang violence, rather than always being innocent victims.

"Young people's lives start after 5pm," began Sherri. The community worker wanted to highlight how services aimed at protecting the youth often fall short.

The caller added that the role of women in gang warfare cannot be underestimated.

"We always talk about male's roles in gangs but we often forget how important or how much women contribute towards organised crime and gang activity."

"The women I support are active perpetrators," she revealed.

Sherri went on to explain how she encourages young people in gangs to "turn their life experience into leadership qualities," and lead them away from a life of crime.

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Natasha stressed the importance of considering "girls as part of this machine of gang culture" rather than automatically assuming that women are innocent all the time.

Sherri went on to note that women are often complicit "in concealing weapons, hiding drugs," and are thus an important cog in the machine.

"Covid is not the reason for gang issues."

Sherri believed that because "young people have resources stripped away," they are more susceptible to gang recruitment.

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