Somehow getting away with it

28 May 2017, 01:08 | Updated: 28 May 2017, 01:12


It was a big week for Donny. He was off, away from his troubles at home, but they followed him there like the smell of the bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken he left on Air Force One.

He was filmed having his unusually tiny hand slapped away by Melania not once but twice, and barging to the front of a NATO meeting, actually knocking world leaders out of the way, so that he could take centre stage to preen in front of the cameras.


Donny doesn't like shade.


At the G7 summit, he was reported to be Making America First by refusing to agree to the climate change plan that might go some way to saving the planet.


Think about that - it's like he doesn't believe that America is part of planet Earth, or that what happens to our fragile little sphere has any bearing on America or the people that live in it.


What are the American ding-a-lings from the yeehaw states going to do when the rising tide floods their homes...shoot it?


His problem with taking action on climate change seems to be connected to the fact that the energy giants in large part paid his way into the Whitehouse.


He has signed executive orders that removed much of the regulation that requires them to curb pollution and their effect on the world.


They can pollute the streams and rivers and the air, and car companies no longer have to make efficient engines and all that good 'ole American screw-you stuff that his fan base love so much.


Maybe they will have second thoughts when they get sick from the water and get lung disease from the air and won't be able to get any treatment because he's taken them all off health care to fund a tax cut for the super-rich.


Even then, I wouldn't be surprised if they all blamed Hillary


What would you think if the prime minister of this country accepted over $2.5 million dollars from the energy industry and then dropped the pollution regulations on coal and allowed coal mining in national parks and mandated a review of the safety standards for off-shore drilling with a view to letting them fall?


Or if the prime minister of this country said they were going to drain the swamp of special interests and lobbyists and then gave all the plum roles in the cabinet to billionaires that worked in or owned businesses in the same sectors that they would now be regulating?


I would have to assume you would cry foul.  His supporters do not. Not only did he not drain the swamp of special interests and lobbyists on behalf of the rich and powerful, he employed those people straight away and immediately gave them what they wanted.


He even said it on the campaign trail - he said "I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose any voters."


That's the amazing thing about this man - he keeps telling people he's a con man and a fraud and they're either not hearing him because of all the whooping and yelling, or they just don’t care that he’s manipulating them. They seem to actually like it.


He fired the head of the FBI and his staff ran around putting out fires, saying that it was someone else's decision - it wasn't Trump trying to subvert justice, trying to stop the investigation into his ties with the Russians.


Then Trump goes on national television and it was was my decision...I did it.


He ruined his own alibi because he couldn't stand to have it look like someone told him what to do.


He invited the Russians, one of whom was the actual head spy of the country which all 17 of America's security agencies said colluded in rigging the American election, throws the American media out of the room, keeps a Russian press photographer in, and tells them state secrets in a boast about military might...and then admits it to the press, with an excuse which went something like: it's my right, I can do what I want!


It is as though he's daring his fans to think badly of him. It's like a game: how far can I push them?


Well, how about telling them on the campaign trail that he wouldn't throw anyone off health care or reduce their benefits, and his first budget and heath care bill calls for 23m people to lose their health insurance and benefits like food stamps and in-work credits are going to be cut by half.


That is going to affect the exact same poor white people that voted for him. Will that push them to the edge?


What's he going to do next, tell them Elvis was gay and set fire to Dolly Parton?


Everything he's doing in office is the exact opposite of what he promised in the campaign - sticking up for the little guy, protecting the workers, locking her up.


Even all that America first stuff was rubbish - you know where his beloved and, in his eyes, totally hot daughter Ivanka gets her clothing line made?


Go on have a guess. If you guessed Jyna, you get bright red trucker hat.