The A-Z of 2016: A-C

25 December 2016, 21:14 | Updated: 3 January 2017, 12:37



AA Gill
Muhammad Ali
Mose Allison - musician
Jean Alexander - actor,  Hilda Ogden
Edward Albee - playwright
Joe Alaskey - voice of Bugs Bunny etc after Mel Blanc
Alexis Arquette - actor
Caroline Aherne
Sylvia Anderson - voice of Thunderbirds' Lady Penelope
Ken Adam - production designer Doctor Strangelove, 007 etc
Colonel Abrams - singer
Dalian Atkinson - footballer
Coral Atkins - actor
Signe Anderson - singer Jefferson Airplane
Eric Avebury - founder of Parliamentary Human Rights Group
Richard Adams - author, Watership Down
The Alexandrov Russian Army Song and Dance Ensemble

Article 50
Sam Allardyce, hired/sacked/hired
David Attenborough's Planet Earth 2
Mike Ashley
American elections
Alt. Right
(Osborne's) Academy schools plan
Adidas withdraws IAAF sponsorship - doping
Anis Amri - Berlin attack
Apple iPhone7
Apple refuses to unlock terrorist's phone
Argos bought by Sainsburys
The Archers domestic abuse plotline
Automatic check-out at Amazon supermarkets
Artificial intelligence
Alsation strangler, Michael Heseltine - did he, didn't he?
Assassination attempt on Nigel Farage, was it, wasn't it?
Alcohol consumption - women catch up with men
Bashar al-Assad
Aid budget
Huma Abedin - Clinton's campaigner
Julian Assange + Wikileaks
Air Force One replacement cancelled
Academy Awards race row
Ankara assassination of Russian ambassador
Austin Reed sold
Arctic oil and gas drilling banned by Obama
Nicola Adams - first British boxer to retain Olympic title, Rio
Ant and Dec - OBE
Lily Allen apologises for Calais Jungle
Admiral Kuznetsov - Russian aircraft carrier in English Channel
Ageing population
American Apparel closes
Asthma medicine required by surprising number of elite athletes
Austrian electors reject far right
Abstract Expressionists at the Royal Academy


David Bowie
John Berry - Beastie Boys
Pete Burns - singer
Prince Buster - singer
Ken Berrie - voice of Postman Pat
Black - singer
Eric Bauersfeld - actor Star Wars "It's a trap"
Kenny Baker - actor R2-D2
Jimmy Bain - rocker, Dio etc
Lionel Blue - rabbi, broadcaster
Richard Bradford - actor, Man in a Suitcase
Bhumibol Adulyadej - King of Thailand
Boutros Boutros-Ghali
Captain Eric Melrose "Winkle" Brown - flew more types of plane than anyone in history
Pierre Boulez - composer
Anita Brookner - writer, Hotel du Lac

David Bowie Is - V&A's most popular exhibition ever
Boris' blunders
Bake Off
"Battle of the TV Hunks" - tabloid frenzy over Poldark and Victoria
Breibart News
Stephen Bannon
Usain Bolt - wins 9th Olympic gold
Ed Balls dances
Berlin terrorist attack
Brussels terrorist attack
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi - ISIS leader
The Beckham's kids - tabloids' new interest
Buckingham Palace repairs
Brazilian hairdresser v Article 50 - Deir Dos Santos
British Airways Xmas strike cancelled
Brangelina split
Boko Haram - defeated?
Boaty McBoatface
Alec Baldwin's Trump impression
Black Lives Matter
Billy Bush + Trump + bus
Jeb Bush
Tony Blair comeback - will he/won't he?
Sergeant Alexander Blackman, Marine A
Clean brexit
Hard v soft Brexit
"Brexit means Brexit" - Therea May
"Brexit means breakfast" - Andrew Davies, Welsh Conservative leader
Bus advert for Brexit
Big Ben repairs
Blue butterfly thrives in UK after near extinction
Back of the queue - Obama on British? US trade deal if Brexit
Boleyn Ground - West Ham move
Brownlee brothers Olympics - help over the line
Barrel bombs on Aleppo
Blackstar - Bowie
Aaron Banks - UKIP, Brexit funder
Birminham prison riots
Brazil - Olympics
Byron Burger immigration raid
Adam Barrow - Argos to Gambian President-elect
Eric Bristow - sacked from Sky after child abuse comments
Border controls
Sepp Blatter
Tony Blackburn - fired/hired
Bono - Woman of the Year
Bottle flipping craze
David Bridges & Alex Lowe's bodies found in Tibet after 16 years
Birther movement - Obama "not born in US"
Bird flu strikes turkey farm at Xmas
Banana Republic shops close
Richard Branson bike crash
Benefits cap
"Breaking Point" - EU leavers' poster
"Britain first" - shouted by Jo Cox's killer
Ken Bone - red sweatered US election debate questioner
Boing stock crash after Trump tweet
"Bigly" - Trump during US election debate
BBC3 moves online


Fidel Castro
Jo Cox
Michael Cimino - director, Deer Hunter etc
Natalie Cole
Leonard Cohen
Ronnie Corbett
Choppers - chimp in PG Tips ad
Johan Cruyff
Phil Chess - Chess records
Dave Cash - DJ
Chapecoense football squad
Charmian Carr - actor, Sound of Music
William Christopher - actor, MASH

Mel C says no to Spice Girls' reunion
David Cameron steps down
Hillary Clinton
"Crooked Hillary"
Jeremy Corbyn re-wins leadership
The cuts (in services)
Cologne New Year sex attacks
Clown craze
Chicago Cubs win World Series
Cuba - US relations "normalised"
Croydon tram crash
Croydon Cat Killer
Chilcot Inquiry
Crystal Meth given to speed up N Korean construction workers
Coup defeated in labour ranks
Cryogenic freezing
Mark Carney - "Britain suffering first lost decade since 1860s"
Carrie Fisher heart attack
Calais Jungle
Carrier bag charge
Randy California's estate v Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven riff
Celebrity injunction re. threesome
Child abuse inquiry
Cycle Superhighways
Phil Collins returns
Conflict of interest - Trump
Jeremy Clarkson
Columbia signs peace deal with Farc
China takes US drone
Child refugees - some not children
Bill Cosby
Pauline Cafferkey - Ebola nurse
Kellyanne Conway - Trump strategist
Conkers could vanish - Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster recognised in Netherlands
Chewbacca Mom - 164m views and counting
Climate change
Cheerleading at next Olympics
Cheltenham Festival footballers urinate into glass, throw it on crowd
Cincinnati Zoo - gorilla shot
Dominic Chappell - BHS
David Cameron humming at door to No. 10
Climate change - "Chinese plot": Trump
CRISPR Cas9 - gene editing tool
Cheetahs face extinction
Chernobyl Safe Confinement Arch
Camber Sands drownings
Thomas Coville - sets round-the-world solo sailing record
Caudrilla - fracking plans approved
Rochelle Clarke breaks England rugby caps record
Clean for the Queen
Carrier bags charge
Chinese military bases in South China Sea
David Cameran calls Nigeria and Afghanistan "fantastically" corrupt
Channel 4 racing goes to ITV