The A-Z of 2016 D-E

26 December 2016, 21:05 | Updated: 3 January 2017, 12:41



Paul Daniels
Tony Dyson - special effects designer of R2-D2 etc
Michael Delligatti - inventor of Big Mac
Dennis Davis - drummer for Bowie
Frank Dickens - cartoonist
Peter Maxwell Davies - conductor/composer
Patty Duke - actor
Jack Davis - cartoonist Mad magazine
Edward Daly - priest, author, iconic Bloody Sunday act
Patty Duke - actor

Drugs in prisons
Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize
David Davis, Brexiteer
Drownings - 5000+ refugees
Philip Davis, anti-feminist MP appointed to Equalities Commission
Denmark - happiest, again
The Donald
The Ding Dong Tree - Scottish tree of the year
Rodrigo Duterte's killing spree
Didcot power station disaster
Philip Dilley - Chair of Environment Agency quits after 2015 Xmas floods
Simon Danczuk suspended over sexting
"Drain the swamp" - Trump
Deliveroo + minimum wage
Kirk Douglas - 100 years old
Data eavesdropping laws
Driverless cars
The "deplorables" - Clinton on Trump supporters
Dyson's £300 hair dryer
Tom Daley - sets record then eliminated at Rio
Delayed discharge from NHS beds
Petra Kvitova - tennis, attacked
Johnny Depp v Amber Heard
Dab dance craze
Dat boi - internet meme
Damn Daniel - internet meme
Bird landing at Bernie Sanders' speech
Diamond batteries from nuclear waste
Dakota pipeline
Dementia epidemic
Diabetes epidemic
Downing Street cats
Dakota Access Pipeline
Drake - 15 weeks at No 1 in charts


Keith Emerson - ELP
Umberto Eco - author
Joe Esposito - Elvis' road manager

Egypt Air Flight 804 crash
Ched Evans' court case
England Rugby team success
England Football team failure
Electoral college - US elections
Recep Erdogan
Emailgate - Clinton
Eugenie and Beatrice denied royal protection
Experts - we've "had our fill"
Entryism - Labour, Republicans "infiltrated"
Elephant decline
Recep Erdogan
EU referendum
The Euro
Euro 2016
Earthquakes - many
Ecuadorian Embassy - Assange still in there
Ecuador cuts Assange's internet feed
Elizabeth Line - Crossrail named
Evil Kermit the Frog - internet meme
Jessica Ennis-Hill retires from athletics
Noel Edmonds' motivational phone service for cats
Ebola epidemic officially over
Easter Rising 100th anniversary
"Enemies of the people" - Daily Mail headline on judges in EU cas