The A-Z of 2016 full and final list

7 January 2017, 20:38 | Updated: 7 January 2017, 20:50


This is the full and final list with all late additions.

There will doubtless be people and events we did not think of. If you can think of any omissions and errors, award yourself a sense of smug self-satisfaction.
Let's hope 2017 is better for us all.




AA Gill

Muhammad Ali

Mose Allison - musician

Jean Alexander - actor,  Hilda Ogden

Edward Albee - playwright

Joe Alaskey - voice of Bugs Bunny etc after Mel Blanc

Alexis Arquette - actor

Caroline Aherne

Sylvia Anderson - voice of Thunderbirds' Lady Penelope

Ken Adam - production designer Doctor Strangelove, 007 etc

Colonel Abrams - singer

Dalian Atkinson - footballer

Coral Atkins - actor

Signe Anderson - singer Jefferson Airplane

Eric Avebury - founder of Parliamentary Human Rights Group

Richard Adams - author, Watership Down

The Alexandrov Russian Army Song and Dance Ensemble



Article 50

Sam Allardyce, hired/sacked/hired


David Attenborough's Planet Earth 2

Mike Ashley

American elections

Alt. Right



(Osborne's) Academy schools plan

Adidas withdraws IAAF sponsorship - doping

Anis Amri - Berlin attack


Apple iPhone7

Apple refuses to unlock terrorist's phone


Argos bought by Sainsburys

The Archers domestic abuse plotline

Automatic check-out at Amazon supermarkets

Artificial intelligence

Alsation strangler, Michael Heseltine - did he, didn't he?

Assassination attempt on Nigel Farage, was it, wasn't it?

Alcohol consumption - women catch up with men

Bashar al-Assad

Aid budget

Huma Abedin - Clinton's campaigner

Julian Assange + Wikileaks

Air Force One replacement cancelled

Academy Awards race row

Ankara assassination of Russian ambassador

Austin Reed sold

Arctic oil and gas drilling banned by Obama

Nicola Adams - first British boxer to retain Olympic title, Rio

Ant and Dec - OBE

Lily Allen apologises for Calais Jungle

Admiral Kuznetsov - Russian aircraft carrier in English Channel

Ageing population

American Apparel closes

Asthma medicine required by surprising number of elite athletes

Austrian electors reject far right

Abstract Expressionists at the Royal Academy







David Bowie

John Berry - Beastie Boys

Pete Burns - singer

Prince Buster - singer

Ken Berrie - voice of Postman Pat

Black - singer

Eric Bauersfeld - actor Star Wars "It's a trap"

Kenny Baker - actor R2-D2

Jimmy Bain - rocker, Dio etc


Lionel Blue - rabbi, broadcaster

Richard Bradford - actor, Man in a Suitcase

Bhumibol Adulyadej - King of Thailand

Boutros Boutros-Ghali

Captain Eric Melrose "Winkle" Brown - flew more types of plane than anyone in history

Pierre Boulez - composer

Anita Brookner - writer, Hotel du Lac



David Bowie Is - V&A's most popular exhibition ever

Boris' blunders

Bake Off

"Battle of the TV Hunks" - tabloid frenzy over Poldark and Victoria

Breibart News

Stephen Bannon

Usain Bolt - wins 9th Olympic gold

Ed Balls dances

Berlin terrorist attack

Brussels terrorist attack

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi - ISIS leader

The Beckham's kids - tabloids' new interest

Buckingham Palace repairs

Brazilian hairdresser v Article 50 - Deir Dos Santos

British Airways Xmas strike cancelled

Brangelina split

Boko Haram - defeated?

Boaty McBoatface

Alec Baldwin's Trump impression

Black Lives Matter

Billy Bush + Trump + bus

Jeb Bush

Tony Blair comeback - will he/won't he?

Sergeant Alexander Blackman, Marine A


Clean brexit

Hard v soft Brexit

"Brexit means Brexit" - Therea May

"Brexit means breakfast" - Andrew Davies, Welsh Conservative leader

Bus advert for Brexit

Big Ben repairs

Blue butterfly thrives in UK after near extinction

Back of the queue - Obama on British? US trade deal if Brexit

Boleyn Ground - West Ham move

Brownlee brothers Olympics - help over the line

Barrel bombs on Aleppo

Blackstar - Bowie

Aaron Banks - UKIP, Brexit funder

Birminham prison riots


Brazil - Olympics

Byron Burger immigration raid

Adam Barrow - Argos to Gambian President-elect

Eric Bristow - sacked from Sky after child abuse comments

Border controls


Sepp Blatter

Tony Blackburn - fired/hired

Bono - Woman of the Year

Bottle flipping craze

David Bridges & Alex Lowe's bodies found in Tibet after 16 years

Birther movement - Obama "not born in US"

Bird flu strikes turkey farm at Xmas

Banana Republic shops close

Richard Branson bike crash

Benefits cap

"Breaking Point" - EU leavers' poster

"Britain first" - shouted by Jo Cox's killer

Ken Bone - red sweatered US election debate questioner

Boing stock crash after Trump tweet

"Bigly" - Trump during US election debate

BBC3 moves online







Fidel Castro

Jo Cox

Michael Cimino - director, Deer Hunter etc

Natalie Cole

Leonard Cohen

Ronnie Corbett

Choppers - chimp in PG Tips ad

Johan Cruyff

Phil Chess - Chess records

Dave Cash - DJ

Chapecoense football squad

Charmian Carr - actor, Sound of Music

William Christopher - actor, MASH



Mel C says no to Spice Girls' reunion

David Cameron steps down

Hillary Clinton

"Crooked Hillary"

Jeremy Corbyn re-wins leadership

The cuts (in services)

Cologne New Year sex attacks

Clown craze

Chicago Cubs win World Series

Cuba - US relations "normalised"

Croydon tram crash

Croydon Cat Killer

Chilcot Inquiry

Crystal Meth given to speed up N Korean construction workers

Coup defeated in labour ranks

Cryogenic freezing

Mark Carney - "Britain suffering first lost decade since 1860s"

Carrie Fisher heart attack

Calais Jungle

Carrier bag charge

Randy California's estate v Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven riff

Celebrity injunction re. threesome

Child abuse inquiry

Cycle Superhighways

Phil Collins returns

Conflict of interest - Trump

Jeremy Clarkson

Columbia signs peace deal with Farc

China takes US drone

Child refugees - some not children

Bill Cosby

Pauline Cafferkey - Ebola nurse

Kellyanne Conway - Trump strategist

Conkers could vanish - Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster recognised in Netherlands

Chewbacca Mom - 164m views and counting

Climate change

Cheerleading at next Olympics

Cheltenham Festival footballers urinate into glass, throw it on crowd

Cincinnati Zoo - gorilla shot

Dominic Chappell - BHS

David Cameron humming at door to No. 10

Climate change - "Chinese plot": Trump

CRISPR Cas9 - gene editing tool

Cheetahs face extinction

Chernobyl Safe Confinement Arch

Camber Sands drownings

Thomas Coville - sets round-the-world solo sailing record

Caudrilla - fracking plans approved

Rochelle Clarke breaks England rugby caps record

Clean for the Queen

Carrier bags charge

Chinese military bases in South China Sea

David Cameran calls Nigeria and Afghanistan "fantastically" corrupt

Channel 4 racing goes to ITV







Paul Daniels

Tony Dyson - special effects designer of R2-D2 etc

Michael Delligatti - inventor of Big Mac

Dennis Davis - drummer for Bowie

Frank Dickens - cartoonist

Peter Maxwell Davies - conductor/composer

Patty Duke - actor

Jack Davis - cartoonist Mad magazine

Edward Daly - priest, author, iconic Bloody Sunday act

Patty Duke - actor


Drugs in prisons


Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize

David Davis, Brexiteer

Drownings - 5000+ refugees

Philip Davis, anti-feminist MP appointed to Equalities Commission

Denmark - happiest, again

The Donald

The Ding Dong Tree - Scottish tree of the year

Rodrigo Duterte's killing spree

Didcot power station disaster

Philip Dilley - Chair of Environment Agency quits after 2015 Xmas floods

Simon Danczuk suspended over sexting

"Drain the swamp" - Trump

Deliveroo + minimum wage

Kirk Douglas - 100 years old

Data eavesdropping laws

Driverless cars

The "deplorables" - Clinton on trump supporters

Dyson's £300 hair dryer

Tom Daley - sets record then eliminated at Rio

Delayed discharge from NHS beds

Petra Kvitova - tennis, attacked

Johnny Depp v Amber Heard

Dab dance craze

Dat boi - internet meme

Damn Daniel - internet meme

Bird landing at Bernie Sanders' speech

Diamond batteries from nuclear waste

Dakota pipeline

Dementia epidemic

Diabetes epidemic

Downing Street cats

Dakota Access Pipeline

Drake - 15 weeks at No 1 in charts






Keith Emerson - ELP

Umberto Eco - author

Joe Esposito - Elvis' road manager


Egypt Air Flight 804 crash

Ched Evans' court case

England Rugby team success

England Football team failure

Electoral college - US elections

Recep Erdogan

Emailgate - Clinton

Eugenie and Beatrice denied royal protection

Experts - we've "had our fill"

Entryism - Labour, Republicans "infiltrated"

Elephant decline

Recep Erdogan

EU referendum

The Euro

Euro 2016

Earthquakes - many

Ecuadorian Embassy - Assange still in there

Ecuador cuts Assange's internet feed

Elizabeth Line - Crossrail named

Evil Kermit the Frog - internet meme

Jessica Ennis-Hill retires from athletics

Noel Edmunds' motivational phone service for cats

Ebola epidemic officially over

Easter Rising 100th anniversary

"Enemies of the people" - Daily Mail headline on judges in EU case





Dario Fo - playwright

Glenn Frey - The Eagles

Frank Finlay - actor

Margaret Forster - author Georgy Girl

Emile Ford - musician

Rob Ford - crack smoking mayor of Toronto

Carrie Fisher

Tenor Fly - singer



Football child abuse

FIFA corruption

Nigel Farage

Five pound note contains animal fat

Mossack Fonseca leak


Chris Froome wins Tour de france

Mo Farah - double double gold

Freedom of movement

Fake news

Far right

Facebook - see entry above

Liam Fox - Brexiteer

Foreign aid


Foxconn replaces 60,000 workers with robots

Food banks

Florida nightclub Pulse shooting

Fake bomb at Old Traford

Harrison Ford injury fine $2m

Fishing rights

"Fantasy Island" - UK stance on Brexit


FTSE 100 record high on back of plunging pound

Fabric nightclub closes






Dale Griffin - drummer Mott the Hoople

Christina Grimmie - contestant on US TV's The Voice, shot

Vivean Grey - actor Neighbours

Jon Glenn

AA Gill

David Gest - TV producer, once married Liza Minnelli

Randy Van Gelder - jazz recorder

Reg Grundy - TV producer, Neighbours

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Ron Glass - actor, Barney Miller


Zac Goldsmith

The Grand Tour

Gotthard Base Tunnel - world's longest opens

Goldman Sachs' ex staff fill Trump cabinet

Michael Gove v Boris Johnson and experts

Greek debt crisis

Galileo - European GP satellites operational

Ryan Giggs leaves Manchester Utd after 29 years

Gender fluidity

The Garden Bridge

Grammar schools - PMs support

Giraffes face extinction

Philip Green

Gorilla escapes London Zoo

Gig economy

Gravitational waves discovered

Golf at the Olympics

Google tax bill

Global warming

Bob Geldof v Nigel Farage, battle of the boats

GoPro Karma drones fall from sky

Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson - Iceland PM resigns after Panama Papers leak

Ghostbusters - all female reboot

Rudy Giuliani

Gender identities - New York recognises 31 of them

Geda - Chinese monkey predicts US election result & Euro 2016







Norman Hudis - comedy writer first six Carry On films

Barry Howard - actor, Hi-de-Hi!

Robin Hardy - director, Wicker Man

Henry Heimlich - inventor of the maneuver

Zaha Hadid

Merle Haggard

Harambe - gorilla, shot

Michael Herr - war correspondent, Apocalypse Now writer

Hanoi Hannah - Vietnam War radio personality

Florence Henderson - actor, Brady Bunch

Alan Haven - organist, collaborated with John Barry on Bond music

Donald Henderson - physician, small pox eradication

Guy Hamilton - director, Bond, An Inspector Calls



Hiroshima - first sitting US president visit

Heathrow third runway


Hillsborough disaster Inquest

Bernard Hogan-Howe resigns from Met Police

Hard shoulders disappear on motorways

Hate crime increase after Brexit

Hatchimal - most wanted toy this Xmas

Honey G

Hissene Habre - ex president of Chad imprisoned


Paul Horner - fake news writer says Trump won due to him

Prince Harry + Meghan Markle

Jerry Hall marries Rupert Murdoch

Hinkley Point C nuclear power station


Hero of Cologne - New Year sex attacks


Housing crisis

House prices


Harriet Harman - longest serving female MP

Philip Hamond - Chancellor

Jeremy Hunt - Health Sec v junior doctors

Tom Hiddleston - 007 speculation

Harlequin ladybird invasion

Hospital parking charges

Holloway Prison closed

Hygge - Danish well-being

Jon Hinkley Jr - Reagan shooter released

Hamilton, the musical v Mike Pence






Commander Ian Inskip - Falklands naval officer


Independent newspaper goes online only



IVF - 3 parent baby

Iceland the country v Iceland the shop

Iceland the football team v England


"Independence day" - Farage on Brexit vote

iPlayer - TV licence now required



ISS - International Space Station

Zlatan Ibrahimovich

Investigatory Powers Act

Irish government v EU over Apple tax

IDs to vote


Istanbul bombing

Israeli settlements

International Criminal Court abandoned by Russia, S. Africa etc

Italian earthquake

Ireland beat All Blacks in Chicago

Indian currency demonetization

Italian debt crisis

Invictus games

Gianni Infantino - new head of FIFA

Eddie Izzard's fetching pink beret and Question Time

Iran economic sanctions lifted by USA

Internet fraud

Idiocracy - no longer a comedy, now a documentary

Insjon, Sweden - laser wielding sex pigs

i360 - attraction opens in Brighton

Illegal settlements in West Bank

Ben Innes selfie with EgyptAir hijacker

Italian referendum on constitutional reform

Caitlyn Jenner "regrets" sex change







Anthony Jay - writer, Yes Minister


Jim - washing machine salesman - Keith Vaz alter-ego

Junior doctors strike

Diane James - UKIP leader for 18 days

Juno Jupiter fly-by

Anthony Joshua - IBF heavyweight title

Janet Jackson pregnant at 50

Boris Johnson - Bozo of the FO

JD Sports working conditions

Mick Jagger - father at 73

Deveraux Octavian Basil Jagger.

Jeep Cherokee recall after Anton Yelchin death

Gary Johnson - Libertarian Party nominee, US elections

JAM - just about managing

Jean-Claude Juncker


Jihadi Sid - bouncy castle salesman to ISIS recruit

Brian Johnson leaves AC/DC






Frank Kelly - actor, Father Ted

Andrei Karlov - Russian Ambassador to Turkey, shot

Burt Kwouk - actor, Pink Panther

George Kennedy - actor

Paul Kantner - musician, Jefferson Airplane



King's Cross gentrification

Korea - North v South

Kim Jong-un

Kim Kardashian robbed in Paris

Chris King - first UK double hand transplant

Sadiq Khan - London Mayor

Kittenheels - Theresa May's shoes

Kidlington - ordinary English town magnet for Chinese tourists

Kumbuka - London Zoo's escaped gorilla

Jason Kenny - half of "golden couple" at Rio with Laura Trott

Ku Klux Klan - they're back

Kremlin v US elections

Radovan Karadzic - guilty of war crimes

The Khan family v Trump






Harper Lee - author

Carla Lane - writer Liver Birds, Butterflies, Bread

Tom Leppard - world's most tattooed man

Greg Lake - ELP

John D. Loudermilk - singer, wrote Tobacco Road



"Lock her up" Trump rally chant re. Clinton

Leicester City wins Premier League

Leather trousers - Theresa May's £1000 pair

Andrea Leadsome - having children would "make her a better PM" than May

Dougie Lampkin does wheelie round whole of IoM TT track

Llamas sit in at the Tour de France

"Locker room talk"

Ryan Lochte - "robbed" in Rio

Lord Lucan death certificate granted

Matt LeBlanc - Top Gear troubles

Louisiana floods

"Lyin' Ted Cruz"

Leave (EU)

Christine Lagarde - guilty of negligence

Ladybird books reimagined

Gary Lineker's pants

"The Little People" - politicians' concern

Lego store - world's largest opens in London

Leaves ruin train wheels

Lottery price increase/worse winning odds


London Bridge Station revamp

Leaks - PM warns leakers...warning leaked

Legal highs

Alex Lowe & David Bridges' bodies found in Tibet after 16 years

Leap second, Dec 31, 2016 23:59:60

Locally sourced food

Land Rover Defender ends production


Lionheart - Philip Green's yacht

Lynx escapes Dartmoor Zoo

"Lepo" - "what's a Lepo?" top internet search during US eloection debate





Howard Marks - drug dealer, writer, Mr Nice

Ian McCaskill - weatherman

Edgar Mitchell - astronaut

George Martin

George Michael

Scotty Moore - Elvis' guitarist

Gordon Murray - creator Trumpton, Camberwick Green

Garry Marshall - creator Happy Days, director Pretty Woman

Cliff Michelmore - Tv presenter

Michael Massee - actor, Se7en

Nevill Marriner - violinist, conductor

Henry McCullough - musician, Wings

Lonnie Mack - musician



Mannequin challenge

Make America great again

Make Britain great again

Jose Mourinho at Man Utd

Andy Murray wins Wimbledon

Monte dei Paschi - worlds oldest bank crisis

Jose Morinho

Mercury - transit of

Mossack Fonseca leak

Angela Merkel

Meghan Markle + Prince harry

Munich shootings

Theresa May - new PM


Marzipan pooping pig in Norway

Danielle Muscato - massive Twitter slapdown of Trump

Nicky Morgan v Theresa May's leather trousers

Len Goodman retires from Strictly Come Dancing

Helen Marten - Turner Prize winner

Melania's speech

Thomas Mair - kills Jo Cox


Len McCluskey - resigns from Unite

Migrant workers

Marine A

Marks and Spencer close stores

Murdoch Sky bid

Ferdinand Marcos, Philippines ex-president buried (died 1989)

Elon Musk

Madonna's custody battle for son

Merlin - Alton Towers operator fined over roller-coaster crash

Helen Martin wins Turner Prize

"Mainsteam media"

Muirfield golf club v women

James "Mad Dog" Mattis - named US Defence Secretary

Marijuana legalised in many US states

Moscovium - new element named






Marni Nixon - ghost singer, My Fair Lady, West Side Story etc

Michael Nicholson - war corrspondent

Andy Newman - Thunderclap Newman

Richard Neville - writer, edited Oz magazine

Zara Nutley - actor, Mind Your Language



Robert De Niro v Trump - "I'd like to punch him in the face"

The Night Manager - BBC hit

Nobel Prize in Physics - David J.Thouless, F. Duncan M. Haldane, J. Michael Kosterlitz

Nobel Prize for literature - Bob Dylan

Benjamin Netanyahu v John Kerry, Obama, USA, New Zealand, UN etc

Nice terrorist truck attack

Paul Nuttall - UKIP leader

The Night Manager - TV hit

Night Tube

Negative interest ratesmerlin fined

New Day newspaper launches/closes


Nihonium - new element named

Gary Neville - new England manager






Hugh O'Brian - actor, Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp



Barack Obama

Michelle Obama

Oil price


Sarah Olney wins Richmond by-election

Opinion polls get it wrong

Ozone hole in Antarctica shrinks

Ore Oduba wins Strictly Come Dancing

Orgreave - battle of - inquiry ruled out


Overseas Aid

Ozzy Osbourne's affair

Oscars race row


Orangutans on endangered list

George Osborne sacked, still highest earning MP

Offshore banking


Georgia O'Keeffe at the Tate

Old Labour returns under Corbyn

Oxfam shop refuses donations of any more 50 Shades of Grey

Oganesson - new element named





Rick Parfitt - musician, Status Quo

Arnold Palmer - golfer

Billy Paul - singer

Jimmy Perry - writer, dad's Army


Cecil Parkinson - politician

Shimon Peres - ex-Israeli President

Jim Prior - politician

Sylvia Peters - continuity announcer



Popular vote - Hillary won but still lost

Tim Peake - UK astronaut

Planet Earth II

Pastafarians - worshippers at Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster recognised

Panama Papers

Adam Peaty world records at Rio

Paul Pogba world record transfer to Man Utd

Michael Phelps medal haul continues

Pistol and Boo - Johnny Depp's dogs v Australia

Palace of Westminster repairs

Marine Le Pen

Plain cigarette packaging

Oscar Pistorius appeal fails

Pulse nightclub shootings, Florida



Pfizer fined £84.2m, overcharging NHS

Pneumonia fells Hillary

Postal service 500 years old

Post Office strike

Poundland price increase

Pound falls post referendum

Prison riots

Pokemon Go

Pearl Harbour first visit by a Japanese PM

Poverty in Uk

Mike Pence US VP

Project Fear - EU referendum

Vladimir Putin

Political correctness (gone mad)

Poppy ban - FIFA

Picasso's Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery

Performance enhancing drugs, especially for asthma

Philippine President Duterte

Post-truth, Oxford dictionary word of the year

Pussy - Trump says he grabs them

Pay for play - Clinton accusation

Giant panda no longer endangered

Pension triple-lock scrapped?

Polymer five pound notes

Beatrix Potter 150th anniversary

Pizzagate - fake news story re. paedophile ring

Port Talbot steelworks




Qantas launches direct London - Australia flights

Quantitative easing

Queen's 90th birthday

Queue - UK at the back of for trade deal: Obama

QI - Fry leaves TV show

Quintuplets born in Australia

Quality Street ditch Toffee Deluxe - Xmas ruined

Quinoa - "food" fad

Quid pro quo - Clinto accusation





Debbie Reynolds

Nancy Reagan

Denise Robertson - broadcaster

Wayne Rogers - actor, "Trapper" John, MASH

Alan Rickman

Brian Rix - actor, President of Mencap

Leon Russell - musician

Vera Rubin - astronomer who confirmed dark matter



Dilma Rousseff - Brazil President impeached

Cliff Richard cleared of abuse charges

Russian state sponsored doping and Olympics ban

Russian hacking of US election

Rio 2016

Rosetta spacecraft crashed on comet

Cristiano Ronaldo wins Ballon d'Or



Neil Rogers (my hero) inducted posthumously into US Radio Hall of Fame

Nico Rosberg wins F1


Rupee - 500 and 1000 notes no longer legal tender


Royal yacht - new one mooted

Republican Party

Richmond by-election

Rough sleeping

Keith Richards "takes over" BBC4

Claudio Ranieri - manager of Leicesr FC triumph

Russian Ultras - football holiganism at Euros




Garry Shandling - writer, comedian, actor - Larry Sanders

Liz Smith - actor, Royle Family

Martin Stone - guitarist, Pink Fairies, Chilli Willi & the Red Hot Peppers etc

Andrew Sachs - actor, Fawlty Towers

Ed "Stewpot" Stewart - DJ, TV presenter

Peter Shafer - playwright, Amadeus, Equus

Robert Stigwood, entrepreneur, music mogul

Dave Swarbrick - musician

Raine Spencer - socialite

Frank Sinatra Jr

Soptlight - Best Picture Oscar




Patti Smith accepts Dylan's Nobel Prize, is nervous

Saturday Night Live v Trump

Solar roof tiles - Elon Musk

Martin Shkreli - hikes price of life saving drug 5000%

Southern Rail

Staples shops closing

Ed Sheeran cut by sword by Princess Beatrice

School uniform miscreants sent home

Star Trek 50th anniversary

Shelter - 50th anniversary

Slavery still happening in Britain

Standing Rock protests re. Dakota Access Pipeline

Sex Pistols 40th anniversary

Sugar tax

Sanctions - imposed/lifted - Russia, Iran, Cuba etc

Supreme Court nominations, US


Battle of the Somme centenary

Bernie Sanders

Snooper's Charter

Maria Sharapova drugs ban

Schools academies

Simpsons' Trump predictions


Alec Salmond

Nicola Sturgeon

Sink holes

Nick Skelton - show-jumper, Rio's oldest gold medalist

Owen Smith - challenged Corbyn for Labour leadership

SpaceX plan to colonise Mars

William Shakespeare - 400th anniversary of death

Samsung phones/tablets catch fire

Supermoon - closest since 1948






Rod Temperton - songwriter, Thriller, Boogie Nights etc

Gareth Thomas - actor, Blake's 7

William Trevor - novelist


Donald J Trump

Trump Tower

Trump University

Trump and Taiwan upset China

Trump's tweets

Trump v Vanity Fair

Trump v Alec Baldwin

Trump v etc etc

Tremendous - Trump's favourite word

Top Gear refurb flop

Laura Trott - half of "golden couple" at Rio with Jason Kenny

Dave Lee Travis - court case

Tsai Ing-wen - Taiwan's first woman president


Tesla cars Insane Mode/Ludicrous Mode

Toblerone redesign

Tate Modern Switch House extension opens - residents overlooked

Tiger numbers rise for 1st time in 100 years

Team GB medal haul in Rio

Trousergate - Theresa May's leather trousers

Traingate - Corbyn v Virgin trains

Yamato Tanooka - Japanese boy, 7,  abandoned in bear infested woods

Turkish failed coup

Tennessine - newly discovered element

Two handed transplant - Britain's first

Tube trains run all night

Travel chaos

Liz Truss - first female Lord Chancellor

Thistlecrack - star race horse


"Talking Britain down"
Trident renewal

£350m a week for the NHS bus advert

"Take back control" - EU leavers' rallying cry

Tata Steel + Port Talbot

Tsukui Yamayuri En care facility attack, Japan

Carlos Tevez - highest paid athlete in world, £615,000 a week






Lukasz Urban - polish driver killed in Berlin lorry attack


Unilever v Tesco

Ukraine wins Eurovision Song Contest

Underground strike



UN Report on UK disability rights


Underdog - the year of

US elections

"Unpresidented" - Trump tweet






Boby Vee - singer

Peter Vaughan - actor, Porridge, Game of Thrones

Robert Vaughn - actor, Man from Uncle

Abe Vigoda - actor, Godfather

Viola Beach - band and manager

Vanity - Denise Matthews, singer, Prince

Alan Vega - singer, Suicide (the band)



Volkswagen emissions scandal

Virgin Trains v Jeremy Corbyn

Veil - face cover ban in France etc

Vanity Fair v Trump

Vinyl revival - outsells downloads by value

Vote leave

Vote remain

Virtual reality

Keith Vaz, sex scandal

Vote of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn

Virtue signalling - internet term re. comments that enhance moral superiority

Max Verstappen - youngest ever F1 winner

Video recorders - last known manufacturer stops production

"Vi coactus" - Dianne James signs UKIP leadership papers "under duress"







Gene Wilder

Terry Wogan

Victoria Wood

Papa Wemba - singer

Michael White - producer, Rocky Horror Show, Monty Python etc

Maurice White - Earth Wind and Fire

Duke of Westminster

Alan Williams - Beatles' first manager

Tony Warren - screenwriter, Coronation Street

Andrzej Wajda - film director

Bobby Wellins - musician


Wales' football team reach first semi-final of major tournament

Max Whitlock - first British gymnast to win Olympic gold

Wall - big, beautiful, Mexico paying

Wooden plates in restaurants

Bradley Wiggins retires from cycling

Steven Woolfe - UKIP MEP, altercation with UKIP MEP Mike Hookem

Danny Willett wins Masters golf tournament

John Whittingdale MP+ sex worker = sacked

Steven Woolfe - UKIP leadership contender hospitalised by UKIP MEP

W.H.O. declares Zika outbreak over

"What is the EU" internet search spike after referendum


Anthony Weiner's emails rock Clinton campaign

Geert Wilders - Dutch politician's hate speech trial

Wallonia v Canada-EU trade deal

Winchester - "best place to live in UK"

"We're here because we're here" Jeremy Deller art project, 100 anniv Battle of Somme

Kanye West

"Whinge-orama" - Boris Johnson on EU referendum debate





Xi Jinping




Anton Yelchin - actor, Star Trek

Alan Young - Mr Ed etc

The Young Pope - TV series

Yorkshire Ripper moved back to jail

Jimmy Young - DJ, singer

Yahoo confirm they were hacked in 2013/14


Operation Yew Tree

Yazidis persecuted by ISIS


Yulin dog meat festival





Zsa Zsa Gabor

Zaha Hadid

Vilos Zsigmond - cinematographer, Close Encounters, Deer Hunter


Zero hours contracts

Zero interest rates

Zafira cars recalled

Zika virus

Zionism - Ken Livingstone said Hitler supported it

Zack Goldsmith loses Richmond by-election