The A-Z of 2016 R-T

31 December 2016, 20:53 | Updated: 3 January 2017, 12:58



Debbie Reynolds
Nancy Reagan
Denise Robertson - broadcaster
Wayne Rogers - actor, "Trapper" John, MASH
Alan Rickman
Brian Rix - actor, President of Mencap
Leon Russell - musician
Vera Rubin - astronomer who confirmed dark matter

Dilma Rousseff - Brazil President impeached
Cliff Richard cleared of abuse charges
Russian state sponsored doping and Olympics ban
Russian hacking of US election
Rio 2016
Rosetta spacecraft crashed on comet
Cristiano Ronaldo wins Ballon d'Or
Neil Rogers (my hero) inducted posthumously into US Radio Hall of Fame
Nico Rosberg wins F1
Rupee - 500 and 1000 notes no longer legal tender
Royal yacht - new one mooted
Republican Party
Richmond by-election
Rough sleeping
Keith Richards "takes over" BBC4
Claudio Ranieri - manager of Leicesr FC triumph
Russian Ultras - football holiganism at Euros


Garry Shandling - writer, comedian, actor - Larry Sanders
Liz Smith - actor, Royle Family
Martin Stone - guitarist, Pink Fairies, Chilli Willi & the Red Hot Peppers etc
Andrew Sachs - actor, Fawlty Towers
Ed "Stewpot" Stewart - DJ, TV presenter
Peter Shafer - playwright, Amadeus, Equus
Robert Stigwood, entrepreneur, music mogul
Dave Swarbrick - musician
Raine Spencer - socialite
Frank Sinatra Jr
Spotlight - Best Picture Oscar

Patti Smith accepts Dylan's Nobel Prize, is nervous
Saturday Night Live v Trump
Solar roof tiles - Elon Musk
Martin Shkreli - hikes price of life saving drug 5000%
Southern Rail
Staples shops closing
Ed Sheeran cut by sword by Princess Beatrice
School uniform miscreants sent home
Star Trek 50th anniversary
Shelter - 50th anniversary
Slavery still happening in Britain
Standing Rock protests re. Dakota Access Pipeline
Sex Pistols 40th anniversary
Sugar tax
Sanctions - imposed/lifted - Russia, Iran, Cuba etc
Supreme Court nominations, US
Battle of the Somme centenary
Bernie Sanders
Snooper's Charter
Maria Sharapova drugs ban
Schools academies
Simpsons' Trump predictions
Alec Salmond
Nicola Sturgeon
Sink holes
Nick Skelton - show-jumper, Rio's oldest gold medalist
Owen Smith - challenged Corbyn for Labour leadership
SpaceX plan to colonise Mars
William Shakespeare - 400th anniversary of death
Samsung phones/tablets catch fire
Supermoon - closest since 1948


Rod Temperton - songwriter, Thriller, Boogie Nights etc
Gareth Thomas - actor, Blake's 7
William Trevor - novelist

Donald J Trump
Trump Tower
Trump University
Trump and Taiwan upset China
Trump's tweets
Trump v Vanity Fair
Trump v Alec Baldwin
Trump v etc etc
Tremendous - Trump's favourite word
Top Gear refurb flop
Laura Trott - half of "golden couple" at Rio with Jason Kenny
Dave Lee Travis - court case
Tsai Ing-wen - Taiwan's first woman president
Tesla cars Insane Mode/Ludicrous Mode
Toblerone redesign
Tate Modern Switch House extension opens - residents overlooked
Tiger numbers rise for 1st time in 100 years
Team GB medal haul in Rio
Trousergate - Theresa May's leather trousers
Traingate - Corbyn v Virgin trains
Yamato Tanooka - Japanese boy, 7,  abandoned in bear infested woods
Turkish failed coup
Tennessine - newly discovered element
Two handed transplant - Britain's first
Tube trains run all night
Travel chaos
Liz Truss - first female Lord Chancellor
Thistlecrack - star race horse
"Talking Britain down"
Trident renewal
£350m a week for the NHS bus advert
"Take back control" - EU leavers' rallying cry
Tata Steel + Port Talbot
Tsukui Yamayuri En care facility attack, Japan
Carlos Tevez - highest paid athlete in world, £615,000 a week