The A-Z of 2016 U-Z

1 January 2017, 21:07 | Updated: 3 January 2017, 13:00



Lukasz Urban - polish driver killed in Berlin lorry attack

Unilever v Tesco
Ukraine wins Eurovision Song Contest
Underground strike
UN Report on UK disability rights
Underdog - the year of
US elections
"Unpresidented" - Trump tweet


Bobby Vee - singer
Peter Vaughan - actor, Porridge, Game of Thrones
Robert Vaughn - actor, Man from Uncle
Abe Vigoda - actor, Godfather
Viola Beach - band and manager
Vanity - Denise Matthews, singer, Prince
Alan Vega - singer, Suicide (the band)

Volkswagen emissions scandal
Virgin Trains v Jeremy Corbyn
Veil - face cover ban in France etc
Vanity Fair v Trump
Vinyl revival - outsells downloads by value
Vote leave
Vote remain
Virtual reality
Keith Vaz, sex scandal
Vote of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn
Virtue signalling - internet term re. comments that enhance moral superiority
Max Verstappen - youngest ever F1 winner
Video recorders - last known manufacturer stops production
"Vi coactus" - Dianne James signs UKIP leadership papers "under duress"


Gene Wilder
Terry Wogan
Victoria Wood
Papa Wemba - singer
Michael White - producer, Rocky Horror Show, Monty Python etc
Maurice White - Earth Wind and Fire
Duke of Westminster
Alan Williams - Beatles' first manager
Tony Warren - screenwriter, Coronation Street
Andrzej Wajda - film director
Bobby Wellins - musician

Wales' football team reach first semi-final of major tournament
Max Whitlock - first British gymnast to win Olympic gold
Wall - big, beautiful, Mexico paying
Wooden plates in restaurants
Bradley Wiggins retires from cycling
Steven Woolfe - UKIP MEP, altercation with UKIP MEP Mike Hookem
Danny Willett wins Masters golf tournament
John Whittingdale MP+ sex worker = sacked
Steven Woolfe - UKIP leadership contender hospitalised by UKIP MEP
W.H.O. declares Zika outbreak over
"What is the EU" internet search spike after referendum
Anthony Weiner's emails rock Clinton campaign
Geert Wilders - Dutch politician's hate speech trial
Wallonia v Canada-EU trade deal
Winchester - "best place to live in UK"
"We're here because we're here" Jeremy Deller art project, 100 anniv Battle of Somme
Kanye West
"Whinge-orama" - Boris Johnson on EU referendum debate


Xi Jinping


Anton Yelchin - actor, Star Trek
Alan Young - Mr Ed etc
The Young Pope - TV series
Yorkshire Ripper moved back to jail
Jimmy Young - DJ, singer
Yahoo confirm they were hacked in 2013/14

Operation Yew Tree
Yazidis persecuted by ISIS
Yulin dog meat festival


Zsa Zsa Gabor
Zaha Hadid
Vilos Zsigmond - cinematographer, Close Encounters, Deer Hunter

Zero hours contracts
Zero interest rates
Zafira cars recalled
Zika virus
Zionism - Ken Livingstone said Hitler supported it
Zac Goldsmith loses Richmond by-election