The A-Z of 2017. M,N,O

29 December 2017, 20:47 | Updated: 30 December 2017, 20:40






Roger Moore, actor

Charles Manson, helter skelter

Martin McGuinness, politician

Mary Tyler Moore, actor

Robert Miles, DJ, producer

Erin Moran, Joannie Cunningham, Happy Days

Ronnie Moran, footballer

Bruce McCandless II, astronaut

Michael I of Romania, King

Rhodri Morgan, First Minister of Wales

Sheila Michaels, activist, popularised “Ms”

Brian Matthew, broadcaster


Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas shooting


Robert Mueller's Russia investigation (T)

MSM, Mainstream media (T)

Elon Musk

Meghan Markle

Muslim ban (T)

MAGA – Make America Great Again (T)

Marine Le Pen

Emmanuel Macron, French President

Mar-a-Lago (T)

Maybot – Theresa May

Mental health

Missteps – euphemism for sex assaults

MOAB, Mother of all Bombs (T)

Gina Miller, Brexit campaigner

Roy Moore, Alabama (T)

Moonlight wins best picture Oscar after envelope mix up

Manchester City FC

Manchester Arena attack

Jose Morinho, not so special

Meerkats killed in London Zoo fire

Momentum, campaigning group

Joe McFadden wins Strictly Come Dancing

Melania wears high heels on Puerto Rico hurricane visit (T)

Melania has a body double? (T)

Lionel Messi buys world's most expensive car, outbids Ronaldo

Emmanuel Macron wins French election

Million Women March (T)

Angela Merkel wins fourth term as German Chancellor

Monarch Airlines collapse

Theresa May

Micronesia sinking

Myanmar human rights

Robert Mugabe, PM Zimbabwe, forced to retire

“Gucci Grace” Mugabe held by rebels

Chelsea Manning has sentence commuted by Obama


Melissa McCarthy spoofs Sean Spicer on SNL (T)

Mental health awareness

Jack Munroe wins Twitter libel case against Katie Hopkins

“Marine A” sentence quashed

Moggmentum, Moggmania, Jacob Rees-Mogg supporters


“Magic money tree”, there is none – Theresa May

Muslim travel ban (T)





John Noakes, Blue Peter

Barry Norman, critic

Geoff Nicholls, rocker, Black Sabbath

Jana Navotna, tennis player

Masaya Nakamura, “father of Pac-Man”

Manuel Noriega, Panamanian politician

Heather North, voice of Daphne in Scooby Doo

Nutmeg, world's oldest cat at 32 (144 in cat years)


National Rifle Assoc. - always too soon after shootings to talk about gun control (T)

No platforming – students refuse controversial speakers

Net neutrality

“Nambia” Trump praises non-existent country (T)

Lee Nelson hands PM P45 at Tory conference

Neymar becomes most expensive player in transfer history

Nokia 3310, classic renewed

Paul Nuttal quits as UKIP leader

Northern Ireland qualify for 2018 World Cup

NHS cyber attack

NHS cancels operations on knees, hips, eyes

NHS parking charges

NHS drunk tanks

Nuneaton bowling alley siege

Nutella changes recipe

Neopalpa donaldtrumpi, new golden headed moth named (T)

Rania Nashar, first female CEO of Saudi bank

Naruto, selfie copyright dispute monkey, PETA Person of the Year

Olive Norris, oldest papergirl retires at 88

National Trust gay pride badge row





Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, cardinal


Oumuamua – asteroid, UFO?

One pound coin, new

George Osborne, new Evening Standard editor

Oscars envelope for best pic mix-up

Obamacare repeal attempts (T)

Jared O'Mara, MP suspended over offensive comments

Orb, glowing, touched by Trump in Saudi Arabia (T)

George Orwell statue at BBC

Ophelia, storm causes red sky

“Oh for God's sake” Brenda from Bristol on hearing about election

One For Arthur wins Grand National

Barack Obama leaves office

Orion, NASA builds craft for deep space missions

One billion pounds to secure DUP support for PM

Bill O'Reilly, Fox News host fired over sex allegations

“Oh, Jeremy Corbyn” chant at Glastonbury