The A-Z of 2017. P,Q,R.

30 December 2017, 20:40 | Updated: 30 December 2017, 20:45





TaraPalmer-Tomkinson, socialite

Tim Pigott-Smith, actor

Tom Petty, rocker

Anita Pallenberg, actor

Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance writer

Bill Paxton, actor

Ruth Pearson, dancer, Pan's People

PC Keith Palmer, Westminster Bridge attack hero


Prince Philip retires

Oscar Pistorius' jail sentence extended

Paris Climate Accord (T)

Puerto Rico devastated by hurricane Maria

Marine Le Pen loses French election run-off

Pepsi advert using protest movement images pulled

Poverty affects 1 in 4 children in UK

Plastic pollution

Pope looks glum on meeting Trump (T)

Paddington Bear film a hit

Paradise Papers

Paris Climate Change Accord ditched by Trump (T)

Poland v the EU over judicial independence

Putin believed by Trump on Russian meddling in US election (T)

Putin announces he will run again for President

“Pocahontas”, racial slur made by Trump at ceremony honouring Navajo veterans (T)

P45 handed to Theresa May during conference speech debacle

George Papadopoulos, White House advisor pleads guilty to lying to FBI (T)

Productivity, poor UK levels fall further

Piegate, footballer Wayne Shaw charged with influencing betting market

Penis drawn in sky by US navy pilots

Passchendaele 100th anniversary of battle


Parsons Green tube explosion

Price Waterhouse Coopers blamed for Oscars mix-up

Carles Puigdemont, Catalonia's sacked President

Polymer £10 note

Pollution in UK too dangerous according to UN and WHO

Reince Priebus Whitehouse Chief of Staff fired (T)




Queensferry Crossing over Firth of Forth opens

Qatar diplomatic crisis v Saudi Arabia

Queen's broadcast tops Xmas day TV ratings

Queen's grandson's company paid £750,000 to organise Queen's birthday

HMS Queen Elizabeth launched, leaks

Queen invested £10m offshore, Paradise Papers revelation

Quantitative easing, US Federal Reserve calls an end

Quantum computing

Q#, Microsoft quantum programming language





George Romero, director

Don Rickles, comedian

James Rosenquist, artist

David Rockefeller, banker, aged 101


Regulations, ending of (T)

Christiano Ronaldo wins Ballon d’Or

Russia investigation (T)

Russian interference

Russian troll farms

Russia banned from Winter Olympics

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus closes after 146 years

Rohingya Muslims attacked in Myanmar

Rallies, Trump's safe space (T)

Rhianna's cousin shot in Barbados

Ryanair pilot strike

Robots to take half of jobs?