The A-Z of 2017 The final list in full

3 January 2018, 01:04


Thanks to everyone that contributed - this is it: your list of the year.

The buzzwords, people and events of the year. Those that pertain to Donald Trump are followed by (T), reflecting his dominance of the news.






Gregg Allman, rocker, Allman Brothers Band

Aadvark from Regent's Park Zoo fire

Adam West, actor, Batman

Alessandro Alessandroni, spaghetti western musician

Roger Ailes, Fox News head (T)

Brian Aldiss, author


ABC – last cinema closed

American divorcee to marry British royalty

Austerity (again)

A&E waiting times

Alternative facts (T)

Australia approves same-sex marriage

Jane Austin £10 note

Artificial Intelligence

“Ancient Orange” my name for (T)

Aircraft carrier leaks

Dianne Abbott's arithmetic

Acid attacks

Austria gets a far-right president

Astronomers find half of missing matter in universe

Apple's £1000 phone

Apple’s new spaceship campus

Julian Assange

Abortion Act 50th anniversary

Antifa (T)


Airlander 10, airship that looks like a giant bottom crashes

Alternative for Germany wins 13% of election vote

Alt-right (T)

Atlas, back flipping robot

Airbags on lampposts, Salzburg smartphone zombies protected

Adele confirms marriage

Affordable housing

America First (T)

Alabama Senate race (T)

Aragog, lookalike spider named after Harry Potter monster

Asthma medication and British cycling

Aung San Suu Kyi, loses shine

Jacinda Ardern wins New Zealand election

Article 50

Aleppo, fall of

Alaska, oil drilling allowed in wildlife refuge (T)

Lord Adonis quits as infrastructure tsar, calls May the voice of UKIP

Asos overtakes M&S as UK's favourite clothing retailer





Walter Becker, rocker, Steely Dan

Brucie – Bruce Forsyth, entertainer

Chuck Berry, rock 'n' roller

Rodney Bewes, Likely Lad

Keith Barron, actor

Michael Bond, Paddington Bear author

Ian Brady, Moors murderer

Chuck Barris, Gong Show TV host, CIA assassin (?)

Leon Bernicoff, Goggleboxer

Hywell Bennett, actor

Chester Bennington, rocker, Linkin Park

Roy Barraclough, Coronation Street

Geoffrey Bayldon, Catweazle

Leo Baxendale, cartoonist Bash St Kids

William Peter Blatty, author, Exorcist

Gilbert Baker, artist, rainbow flag

Dee Boyle, rocker, Longpigs

Anthony Booth, actor, Till Death Us Do Part

Rodney Bickerstaffe, trade unionist

Brian Cant, actor, presenter



Brexit “decision could be reversed”: David Davis

Blackamoor brooch worn by Princess Michael

Brown cows – 10% of Americans think that's where chocolate milk comes from

Boris Becker bankrupt

Breitbart (T)

Steve Bannon (T)

Burnley FC smallest team in Premiership, seventh at Christmas

Big Ben stops chiming

Borough Market terrorist attack

Boeing v Bombardier

Michel Barnier

Britain First


Balfour Declaration 100th anniversary

Badger cull

Scott Baldwin pets a lion

Bubonic plague in Madagascar

Bank Levy cut

British Airways' computer meltdown

Brenda from Bristol reacts to snap election

Bumpstock for rifles

Richard Branson caught in hurricane

Richard Branson’s Virgin Care sues NHS

Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel + identity discovered?

Bathmophobia – Trump afraid of stairs (T)

“Boris bus” scrapped

Bee colony collapse disorder

Blade Runner sequel

Blue passport

Blue Planet II

British Airways IT failure

Beyonce has twins

Brazil nut shortage

Kevin de Bruyne, best midfielder in the world?

Brakeless bike crashes

Alec Baldwin spoofs Trump on SNL (T)

Bowling Green massacre, fiction told by Kellyanne Conway defending Muslim travel ban (T)

Berlin NYE “safe zone” for women

Black Sabbath play last gig

Usain Bolt retires

John Bercow, Speaker of the House opposed to Trump parliamentary address (T)

Henry Bolton new leader of UKIP

Jeff Bezos becomes richest person in the world





David Cassidy, singer

Keith Chegwin (Cheggers goes pop)

Glen Cambell, singer

Max Clifford, PR

Holger Czukay, rocker, Can

Chris Cornell, rocker, Soundgarden

Larry Coryell, jazzer

Antonio Carluccio, chef

Eugene Cernan, astronaut, last man on Moon to date


Coughing – Theresa May's Conference fiasco

Catalonia independence referendum

Jeremy Corbyn goes to Glastonbury

Cladding on tower blocks

California fires

“Covfefe” (T)

Charlottesville far right rally (T)

Cassini spacecraft crashed into Saturn

Crimewatch axed

Crimes that no longer warrant police response

Peter Capaldi exits Dr Who

Cashless society


Climate change

Coal free energy day – UK's first since 1880's

“Clean” coal (T)


Kellyanne Conway (T)

Credit card debt

“Cheesegrater” building sold to Chinese

Cambridge Analytica and Brexit and Trump (T)

Canada 150 years old

Curry button on Indian washing machines

Cadburys replace Fudge bar in selection box

Dany Cotton, first female Commissioner, London Fire Brigade

Chocolate cake, “most beautiful” fed to President Xi while bombing Syria (T)

Nick Clegg Knighthood announced

Curb Your Enthusiasm returns

James Comey, FBI Director fired (T)

Confederate statues and flags (T)

Jeremy Clarkson catches pneumonia

“Coalition of chaos”

China accused of selling oil to N Korea, despite sanctions

Bill Cosby sex assault case ends in mistrial

Cancer diagnosis scanners in supermarket car parks

Curtsey, Meghan Markle

CNN, constant attacks by (T)

Hayden Cross, UK's first pregnant man

Croydon cat killer

Collusion with Russia (T)

Gemma Collins, TOWIE star falls down hole

Vince Cable new leader of Lib Dems

Cornwall flash flood in Coverack

Chlorine washed chicken





Fats Domino, rock and roller

JP Donleavy, writer

Jonathan Demme, director

Liz Dawn, Coronation Street

Danielle Darrieux, French actress

Tam Dalyell, politician

Roy Dotrice, actor


Damian Green's computer

Colin Dexter, author, Inspector Morse

Diesel cars


Dippy the diplodocus goes on tour

Dairy Milk made in Poland

Seb Dance MEP's “He's lying to you” sign re Farage

Dotard – Kim Jon-un's description of Trump (T)

Domestic abuse - Putin decriminalises it Russia

Cressida Dick Met Police's first female Commissioner

Bob Dylan accepts Nobel Prize

Dr David Dao dragged off United flight

Dumoulin couple found after 75 years missing in melting Swiss glacier

Johnny Depp divorce – loses Pistol and Boo

Dreamers (T)

Drumpf, original family name of (T)

Dunkirk, the film

Dr Who, first female

Deep learning, AI

“Dementia Tax”

Princess Di's death 20th anniversary

“Don't let them in” Tory councillor at Grenfell Tower meeting

Drone lands on HMS Queen Elizabeth

Diesel and petrol cars and vans sale to be banned from 2040

Dennis the Menace loses the menace

Dominica devastated by Hurricane Maria

“Dishonest media” (T)

DeepMind's AlphaZero, AI programme becomes best ever chess player 

Vin Diesel, highest grossing actor of the year

Dakota Access Pipeline, Trump v native Americans (T)

Driving test changes include following sat nav

Doklam conflict, China-India border standoff

Doping, release of 2011 survey finds 57% of elite athletes admit to it, 2% caught

Daily intelligence briefings, Trump says he doesn't need them because he is smart (T)





Ugo Ehiogu, footballer


Bernie Ecclestone out of F1

Edward Enninful, new editor British Vogue

Eastergate: National Trust

Easter eggs in shops before Christmas

Executive Orders (T)

Elizabeth Line trains start running

England wins U-17 World Cup

England wins U-19 European Championship

England wins U-20 World Cup

Evening Standard new editor George Osborne

Euston Station transformed to feed homeless at Xmas

East Sussex coast chemical haze

European Union

Excitonium, new form of matter discovered

“Exit from Brexit”

Exeter schoolboys protest at hot uniform by wearing skirts

EU Banking Authority moves from London to Paris

EU Medicines Agency moves from London to Amsterdam

Earthquakes upsurge as earth rotation slows

Eclipse of the sun, stared at by (T)

Elephant trophy import permits (T)

Megan Ellis, student fills hot water bottle with cold water & waits

“Exquisite”, House Speaker Paul Ryan's description of Trump's leadership (T)

Eminem returns, raps against Trump (T)

Elvis, 40th anniversary of death

Equifax admits massive cyber breach





Carmen Franco, Duchess, daughter of Franco



Fox entertainment assets sold to Disney

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor, “the Money Fight”

Fox News taken off Sky in UK

Fidget Spinners

Fake news (T)

Far right, rise of

Faraday FF91: fastest electric vehicle 0-60mph in 2.39sec

Aretha Franklin retires

Tim Farron resigns as leader of Lib Dems

Fluffy McFluff Face – rare penguin named in Norfolk sanctuary

Florence speech - Theresa May

Jayda Fransen, Britain First, retweeted by (T)

Felix the Huddersfield Station Cat, media star

Fatberg, biggest ever, 130 tonnes, Whitechapel

Finland's independence from Russia 100th anniversary

Michael Fallon resigns as Defence Secretary

Fracking banned in Scotland

FTSE 100 record high

Colin Firth becomes Italian citizen following Brexit

Fox and Friends appeals to and watched by (T)

Faecal flora cloudburst, what happens when you flush the loo

French election

Mike Flynn resigns (T)

“Fire and fury like the world has never seen” (T)

Mo Farah wins his final track race

Harrison Ford crashes plane again

Chris Froome wins Tour de France

Chris Froome adverse urine test

“F****** moron” Sec of State Rex Tillerson reportedly describes President (T)

Arlene Foster, DUP leader

Fox and Friends, Trump praising show is Trump's favourite (T)

Food banks

FBI, constant attacks by (T)

Funicular, world's steepest opens in Switzerland

Susan J. Fowler, ex-exec’s blog reveals toxic culture at UBER

Facebook accused of supporting ethnic cleansing in Myanmar

Facebook accused of publishing child pornography

Facebook accused of publishing content sponsoring terrorism

Facebook shuts down chatbots after they invent own language

Flattery, Whitehouse insiders say it is the way to get Trump's attention (T)





Buddy Greco, jazzer

Dick Gregory, comedian

Bob Givens, Bugs Bunny animator

Charlie Gard, subject of court battles

Richard Gordon, surgeon, writer

Stanley Greene, photojournalist


Barry Gibb plays Glastonbury

Garden Bridge scrapped

Kathy Griffin and Trump's severed head (T)

Ariana Grande concert attack

Grenfell Tower fire

Gender neutral

General election

Gravitational waves discovery wins Nobel prize

Barry Gibb at Glastonbury

Sebastian Gorka resigned/fired (T)

Guatemala to move Israeli embassy to Jerusalem (T)

Getlink, new name for Eurotunnel post Brexit

Gold coin, 100kg, stolen from German museaum

Great Repeal Bill

Grammar vigilante corrects mistakes at night in Bristol

Damian Green sacked re. porn found on computer

Philip Green

Greg's sausage roll Jesus

Great Barrier Reef dying/dead

Great British Bake Off moves to C4

Gender identity

Gender neutral language

The Grand Tour, TV

Game of Thrones, TV

Pep Guardiola, Man City manager: special

Guam, Trump promises 10 fold increase in tourism after N Korea nuke threat (T)

Germophobia, Trump's affliction “proves” Russia sex tape not real,  (T)

Golf, Trump spends almost one third of presidency at his own clubs (T)

Golf, Trump uses truck to block media filming him playing (T)

Golf, Trump claims he goes to his clubs for meetings but filmed playing (T)

Generation rent

Global warming, Trump tweets we need it because it is cold in winter (T)

Len Goodman retires from Strictly Come Dancing

Prince George kidnap plot

Graydon Carter steps down from editing Vanity Fair

Google v Amazon feud





John Hurt, actor

John Heard, actor

Johnny Hallyday, French singer

Hugh Hefner, Playboy

Sean Hughes, comedian

Robert Hardy, actor

Jon Hillerman, actor, Magnum PI

Heather Heyer, activist, Charlottesville

Howard Hodgkin, artist

Darcus Howe, activist

Peter Hall, theatre director

Claire Hollingworth, journalist, first to report outbreak of WWII



Hull, UK City of Culture

Frankie Hill, 6, sets up homeless campaign

Historical sex crimes

Hunting trophies (T)

Homosexuality decriminalised, 50th anniversary


Tristram Hunt quits politics, new head of V&A

Lewis Hamilton wins F1 championship

Lewis Hamilton and the princess dress

Lewis Hamilton avoids tax on private plane

Prince Harry engaged

Tom Harrison completes London marathon in 6 days in gorilla suit

Hollyweed, Hollywood sign changed

Handshakes, weird (T)

Nikki Hayley, US ambassador threatens UN on Jerusalem (T)

Hand towels on Air Force One not soft enough (T)

Katie Hopkins fired from Mail Online

Michael Hestletine: Brexit worse than Corbyn government

Huntingdon's disease, “groundbreaking” drug found

Hard Brexit

Marcus Hutchins stops WannaCry virus

“Hot Felon”, Jeremy Meeks dates Philip Green's daughter

High five, Jeremy Corbyn and Emily Thorberry's goes wrong


Rolf Harris released from prison

Jeremy Hunt takes on Stephen Hawking on NHS, loses

Heathrow third runway




Iran nuclear deal (T)

Iran street protests

Inappropriate behaviour, euphemism for sex assaults

Island of Ireland, border and Brexit

Iceberg water costing £80 a bottle goes on sale

Kazuo Ishiguro, winner of the Nobel prize in literature

Invictus Games

iPhone, 10 years old

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, wins Nobel Peace Prize

Intercontinental ballistic missile, first test by N Korea

ISIS militarily defeated in Syria and Iraq

Inauguration crowd size (T)

Irma, hurricane, one of strongest in history

Impeachment often discussed (T)

Ivanka claims people will do their taxes on a postcard after tax cuts (T)

Ivanka, Trump tweets the wrong one (T)

India set to become 5th largest economy


Iraq Historical Allegations Team

Insects decline 75% in 30 years, German study

Irish Coast Guard Rescue 116 helicopter crash

Interest rate rise, first in ten years

IKEA switches to snap together furniture

Impact assessments, absence of, on Brexit

Italy fail to qualify for first World Cup in 60 years

IMDB, film website closes message boards





J Geils, rocker

Al Jarreau, jazzer

Boris Johnson of the F.O.

Clifton James, Sheriff Pepper, James Bond

Joni Sledge, Sister Sledge

Joel Joffe, Mandela defence lawyer

Anthony Armstrong Jones, photographer


Jerusalem – Trump declares capital of Israel (T)

Boris Johnson's Iran gaffe

Boris Johnson's Myanmar gaffe

Boris Johnson's dead bodies in Libya gaffe

Jobs, jobs, jobs (T)

Anthony Joshua beats Wladimir Klitschko

Jogger attack on Putney Bridge

Javanka, Steve Bannon's name for Jared and Ivanka (T)

Judges: “enemies of the people” , Daily Mail front page rant

Jean-Claude Junker

Juno spacecraft pictures of Jupiter

Doug Jones, Democrat wins Alabama Senate seat (T)

Boris Johnson and the non (?) radioactive peach juice

Boris Johnson and the Russia spat

Stanley Johnson in the jungle

Jo Johnson and university “no platforming” threat

Journalism under attack (T)

Jeff Jones UBER president resigns

Jazz, 100th anniversary of first jazz record





Christine Keeler, Profumo affair

Kim Jong-Hyun, K-popper

Gordon Kaye, actor, goodbye goodbye

Bernard Kenny, stabbed trying to protect Jo Cox

Helmut Kohl, former German Chancellor

Adnan Khashoggi, arms dealer

Kim Jong-nam, N. Korean leader's half brother

Robert Knight, singer

Kepler-90i, new planet discovered in solar system

Knee-gate, Julia Hartley-Brewer accuses Michael Fallon of touching

Knee, taking the: US football stars protest police violence (T)

Jared Kushner (T)

Kim Jong-un (T)

Knightscope K5 anti-homeless security robot bullied of San Francisco streets

Harry Kane, top goal scorer in calender year


Kensington and Chelsea Council, Grenfell Tower fire

Kaspersky, anti-virus software, Russian exploit warning

Travis Kalanick, UBER CEO resigns

Kiri Te Kanawa, soprano,  retires

Robert Kelly, professor interrupted by his children on live TV

Peter Kay cancels tour

Kitchen rolls, “beautiful, soft” Trump throws to Puerto Ricans after hurricane (T)

Colin Kaepernick, NFL, takes a knee during US national anthem (T)

Keystone XL pipeline, Trump v native Americans (T)

Kompromat – information collected for blackmail

Greg Knight, Tory Mp's bizarre campaign video





Jerry Lewis, comedian

Las Vegas country music festival shooting

Martin Landau, actor

Jake LaMota, boxer, “The Raging Bull”

Victor Lownes, Playboy executive

Veronica Lucan, Lord Lucan's widow


“The largest audience ever to witness an inauguration, period” (T)

“Little rocket man” Kim Jong-un (T)

London Bridge attack

London Zoo fire

Lettuce shortage

Richard Leonard, new leader Scottish Labour Party

John Lewis gender neutral clothes

Lost documents from National Archives re. Falklands, Northern Ireland etc.

Laptop ban on lanes (T)

La La Land wins best picture Oscar, then didn't in envelope mix up

Las Vegas shooting

Lord's Prayer, Pope's re-translation

Lloyds Bank, last government shares sold

Vera Lynn releases hit new album at 100

“Loot boxes” in video games and child gambling

Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, most expensive painting ever sold, $450m

Liverpool car park fire

Lewes Bonfire Night Zulu “black up” abandoned as racist





Roger Moore, actor

Charles Manson, helter skelter

Martin McGuinness, politician

Mary Tyler Moore, actor

Robert Miles, DJ, producer

Erin Moran, Joannie Cunningham, Happy Days

Ronnie Moran, footballer

Bruce McCandless II, astronaut

Michael I of Romania, King

Rhodri Morgan, First Minister of Wales

Sheila Michaels, activist, popularised “Ms”

Brian Matthew, broadcaster

Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, cardinal


Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas shooting


Robert Mueller's Russia investigation (T)

MSM, Mainstream media (T)

Elon Musk

Meghan Markle

Muslim ban (T)

MAGA – Make America Great Again (T)

Marine Le Pen

Emmanuel Macron, French President

Mar-a-Lago (T)

Maybot – Theresa May

Mental health

Missteps – euphemism for sex assaults

MOAB, Mother of all Bombs (T)

Gina Miller, Brexit campaigner

Roy Moore, Alabama (T)

Moonlight wins best picture Oscar after envelope mix up

Manchester City FC

Manchester Arena attack

Jose Morinho, not so special

Meerkats killed in London Zoo fire

Momentum, campaigning group

Joe McFadden wins Strictly Come Dancing

Melania wears high heels on Puerto Rico hurricane visit (T)

Melania has a body double? (T)

Melania swats away Trump's hand (T)

Lionel Messi buys world's most expensive car, outbids Ronaldo

Emmanuel Macron wins French election

Million Women March (T)

Angela Merkel wins fourth term as German Chancellor

Monarch Airlines collapse

Theresa May

Micronesia sinking

Myanmar human rights

Robert Mugabe, PM Zimbabwe, forced to retire

“Gucci Grace” Mugabe held by rebels

Chelsea Manning has sentence commuted by Obama


Melissa McCarthy spoofs Sean Spicer on SNL (T)

Mental health awareness

Jack Munroe wins Twitter libel case against Katie Hopkins

“Marine A” sentence quashed

Moggmentum, Moggmania, Jacob Rees-Mogg supporters


“Magic money tree”, there is none – Theresa May

Muslim travel ban (T)

Microsleep, cause of Croydon tram crash?

Montenegro PM shoved aside by Trump at NATO summit (T)

Multiverse, evidence of parallel universes found

“Mutineers” Telegraph front page headline re. MP Brexit rebels

“Metropolitan elite”,

Mosque of al-Nuri destroyed by ISIS





John Noakes, Blue Peter

Barry Norman, critic

Geoff Nicholls, rocker, Black Sabbath

Jana Navotna, tennis player

Masaya Nakamura, “father of Pac-Man”

Manuel Noriega, Panamanian politician

Heather North, voice of Daphne in Scooby Doo

Nutmeg, world's oldest cat at 32 (144 in cat years)


National Rifle Assoc. - always too soon after shootings to talk about gun control (T)

No platforming – students refuse controversial speakers

Net neutrality

“Nambia” Trump praises non-existent country (T)

Lee Nelson hands PM P45 at Tory conference

Neymar becomes most expensive player in transfer history

Nokia 3310, classic renewed

Paul Nuttal quits as UKIP leader

Northern Ireland qualify for 2018 World Cup

NHS cyber attack

NHS cancels operations on knees, hips, eyes

NHS parking charges

NHS drunk tanks

Nuneaton bowling alley siege

Nutella changes recipe

Neopalpa donaldtrumpi, new golden headed moth named (T)

Rania Nashar, first female CEO of Saudi bank

Naruto, selfie copyright dispute monkey, PETA Person of the Year

Olive Norris, oldest papergirl retires at 88

National Trust gay pride badge row

Nuclear weapons ban treaty signed at UN, boycotted by countries that have them

Nuclear weapons tested by North Korea

National monuments, Trump cuts protections (T)




Oumuamua – asteroid, UFO?

One pound coin, new

George Osborne, new Evening Standard editor

Oscars envelope for best pic mix-up

Obamacare repeal attempts (T)

Jared O'Mara, MP suspended over offensive comments

Orb, glowing, touched by Trump in Saudi Arabia (T)

George Orwell statue at BBC

Ophelia, storm causes red sky

“Oh for God's sake” Brenda from Bristol on hearing about election

One For Arthur wins Grand National

Barack Obama leaves office

Orion, NASA builds craft for deep space missions

One billion pounds to secure DUP support for PM

Bill O'Reilly, Fox News host fired over sex allegations

“Oh, Jeremy Corbyn” chant at Glastonbury

Obstruction of justice claims re. Trump and Michael Flynn firing (T)

Oxford Junior Dictionary removes words related to nature

Online abuse





TaraPalmer-Tomkinson, socialite

Tim Pigott-Smith, actor

Tom Petty, rocker

Anita Pallenberg, actor

Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance writer

Bill Paxton, actor

Ruth Pearson, dancer, Pan's People

PC Keith Palmer, Westminster Bridge attack hero

Slobodan Praljac, Bosnian general takes cyanide in war crime court

Stephen Paddock, Las Vegas gunman


Prince Philip retires

Prince Philip's death wrongly announced by Daily Telegraph

Oscar Pistorius' jail sentence extended

Paris Climate Accord (T)

Puerto Rico devastated by hurricane Maria

Marine Le Pen loses French election run-off

Pepsi advert using protest movement images pulled

Poverty affects 1 in 4 children in UK

Plastic pollution

Pope looks glum on meeting Trump (T)

Paddington Bear film a hit

Paradise Papers

Paris Climate Change Accord ditched by Trump (T)

Poland v the EU over judicial independence

Putin believed by Trump on Russian meddling in US election (T)

Putin announces he will run again for President

“Pocahontas”, racial slur made by Trump at ceremony honouring Navajo veterans (T)

P45 handed to Theresa May during conference speech debacle

George Papadopoulos, White House advisor pleads guilty to lying to FBI (T)

Productivity, poor UK levels fall further

Piegate, footballer Wayne Shaw charged with influencing betting market

Penis drawn in sky by US navy pilots

Passchendaele 100th anniversary of battle


Parsons Green tube explosion

Price Waterhouse Coopers blamed for Oscars mix-up

Carles Puigdemont, Catalonia's sacked President

Polymer £10 note

Pollution in UK too dangerous according to UN and WHO

Reince Priebus Whitehouse Chief of Staff fired (T)

Mike Pence, USVP's pre-arranged walkout of NFL game when players take a knee (T)

Mike Pence says Trump has “fulfilled miracles” (T)

Priti Patel, MP resigns after unofficial Israeli meetings

Psychiatrists warn about Trump's mental state (T)

Post-truth (T)

Pound coin, old one out of circulation

Valdimir Putin announces he is running for President again

Christopher Plummer replaces Kevin Spacey in Ridley Scott film




Queensferry Crossing over Firth of Forth opens

Qatar diplomatic crisis v Saudi Arabia

Queen's broadcast tops Xmas day TV ratings

Queen's grandson's company paid £750,000 to organise Queen's birthday

HMS Queen Elizabeth launched, leaks

Queen invested £10m offshore, Paradise Papers revelation

Quantitative easing, US Federal Reserve calls an end

Quantum computing

Q#, Microsoft quantum programming language






George Romero, director

Don Rickles, comedian

James Rosenquist, artist

David Rockefeller, banker, aged 101

Hans Rosling, physician

Derek Robinson, “Red Robbo”, trade unionist


Regulations, ending of (T)

Christiano Ronaldo wins Ballon d’Or

Russia investigation (T)

Russian interference

Russian troll farms

Russia banned from Winter Olympics

Russian Revolution 100th anniversary

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus closes after 146 years

Rohingya Muslims attacked in Myanmar

Rallies, Trump's safe space (T)

Rhianna's cousin shot in Barbados

Ryanair pilot strike

Robots to take half of jobs?


Reformation, 500th anniversary





William G Stewart, Fifteen To One host

Sam Shepard, actor

John Surtees, racer

Peter Skellern, pop star

Peter Sarstedt, pop star

Alan Simpson, writer with Ray Galton

Carol Lee Scott, actor, Grotbags

Bunny Sigler, singer

John Surtees, racing driver

Jill Saward, sex assault campaigner

Keely Smith, singer

Carl Sargeant, ex-Welsh Minister

Tim Piggot-Smith, actor


Sutherland Springs, Texas church attack

Snap election

OJ Simpson released

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Sean Spicer (T)

Snowflakes, those easily offended

“Strong and stable”, Tory refrain

SAD! Often used in tweets by (T)

Skywalker hoolock gibbon, new species discovered

Submarine, Argentine, lost

Saudi princes detained for corruption

Anthony Scaramucci, Whitehouse Communications Director, fired after 11 days (T)

Smart speakers

Soft Brexit

Sexual assault allegations (T)

South China Sea Islands territorial disputes

Southern Trains, many strikes

Spanish constitutional crisis

Standing Rock, Sioux Tribe protest Dakota Access pipeline

Soft drinks levy - Sugar tax announced in Budget

Spice, drug affecting communities

Swatting, video gamers prank call police over online disputes, deaths result

Sixtus Dominic Boniface Christopher Rees-Mogg, Jacob names sixth child

Social care cap of £72,500 scrapped

Social Mobility Commission quits

Kevin Spacey sex assault allegations

Selfitis: obsessive need to post selfies

Sanctions on North Korea (T)

Safe spaces for students

Stalking sentence doubled

Nicola Sturgeon

Sharks freeze in US East Coast cold snap

Stirling's Brexit fuelled depreciation “worst in history”

Grant Shapps, MP ringleader of failed coup attempt of PM

Scooter thefts

Sleeping Beauty banned from primary school for inappropriate sexual behaviour

Somalia famine

Anna Soubry, MP receives death threats over Brexit stance

Smacking children to be banned in Scotland





Butch Trucks, rocker, Allman Brothers

Jay Thomas, actor

Graham Taylor, footballer


Tiki torches in Charlotesville (T)

Time's Person of the Year sex abuse silence breakers (T)

Tweets (T)

Trump says he refused Time's Person of the Year (T)

T-Charge for diesel vehicles

Traingate – Corbyn v Virgin Trains

Tax cut in USA - “biggest ever” (T)

TTP trade deal withdrawal (T)

Twitter troll farms in Russia

Twitter employee deactivates Trump's account for 11 minutes (T)

Tramadol, Laura Plummer jailed for import of 290 tablets into Egypt


Transgender recruits allowed in US military, Trump drops opposition (T)

Twitter increases message character limit to 280

Trident, Government admits missile test malfunction

T-Charge, London anti-pollution measure

Tesco's green turkeys “ruin Christmas”

Tian Tian, Edinburgh Zoo panda not pregnant

Tesla car company overtakes Ford in market value

Donald Tusk, President of the European Council

Trump v TTIP trade talks (T)

Trump v TPP trade talks (T)

Trump says he turned down Time's Person of the Year, Time denies offering it (T)

Malcolm Turnbull, Trump hangs up on Australian PM (T)




Unpopular – least popular President ever (T)

Uber's various problems

UNESCO, US withraws from (T)

UKIP new logo like Premier League's

UKIP vote collapse

Unicorn – food that is dyed rainbow colours

Uniform, gender neutral in school in Lewes

Universal Credit roll out

UFOs existence “beyond reasonable doubt”: ex Pentagon official

UN says UK welfare cuts are a “human catastrophe” for disabled

United Airlines settle compensation with passenger Dr Dao dragged off plane

Unisex toilets

United States of Europe

Universal basic income





Frank Vincent, Sopranos, Goodfellas actor


Leo Varadkar, politician, a key to Brexit

“Very fine people on both sides” Trump on white supremacist rally, Charlottesville (T)

VX nerve agent killed Kim Jong-nam

Guy Verhhofstadt, European Parliament negotiator: Brexit “waste of time”

Virtue signalling

Venezuela economic crisis

Virgin Care sues NHS

Virgin Care wins £1bn NHS contract

Viagra cleared for over the counter sale from next year

Vaping said to be as dangerous as smoking

Volunteers considered for UK border control

Volcanic activity

Leonardo da Vinci painting, Salvator Mundi, most expensive ever sold





John Wetton, rocker, King Crimson

Don Williams, singer

Adam West, actor, Bat Man

Heinz Wolff, scientist


Harvey Weinstein

Wall at Mexico border (T)

WannaCry cyber attack

Women's March, much bigger crowd in DC the day after the inauguration (T)

Lavinia Woodward, medical student stabbed boyfriend, spared jail

Wagamama staff threatened over Xmas sick leave

Water cremation, dissolving the dead

Walnut Whip, Nestle removes walnut

White supremacists

Serena Williams wins Australian Open while pregnant

Claudia Winkleman revealed to be BBC's highest paid female presenter

Wheat, running through fields of: Theresa May confesses to naughtiest childhood act

Sophia, first robot granted citizenship, Saudi Arabia

Jodie Whittaker, new Dr Who

Tiger Woods arrested for driving while intoxicated

Westminster Bridge attack

Wall at Mexican border (T)

Whitehouse, “a real dump” according to Trump (T)

Whitehouse leaks (T)

Whitehouse Xmas decorations look like “house of horrors” (T)

Frederica Wilson, congresswoman's feud with Trump (T)

Winery – Trump boasts he owns one of largest in US, winery denies it (T)

Gavin Williamson, Defence Secretary keeps tarantula in office

Wood-burning stoves face crackdown




Xi-cc++ - new particle

Xenophobia on rise world-wide




Malcolm Young, AC/DC

Deborah Watling, actress


Yacht lotto, 50 Tory MPs want public to buy Queen new yacht

Youthquake – Oxford Dictionaries' word of the year

Milo Yiannopoulos, controversialist's book deal cancelled

Malala Yousafzai attends Oxford University

Yemen war

Yarl's Wood detention centre abuse

“Yank-shake”, Trump's weird dominance handshake

Yellow car “ruins” tourists photos in scenic Bibury, Gloucestershire

Yiwu-London, longest freight train route in the world



Nanzin Zagari -Ratcliffe, detained in Iran

“Zombie drug”, spice, synthetic marijuana

Zimbabwe military takeover

Zero-hours contacts, Labour's manifesto pledges to ban them

Mark Zuckerberg admits to Facebook fake news failings

Zulu dancers defend blacking up at Lewes Bonfire Night

Summer Zervos, Apprentice contestant sues Trump for sexual misconduct defamation (T)

Zealandia recognised as seventh largest continent