The A-Z of 2017. V,W,X,Y,Z.

2 January 2018, 01:03 | Updated: 2 January 2018, 01:07






Frank Vincent, Sopranos, Goodfellas actor


Leo Varadkar, politician, a key to Brexit

“Very fine people on both sides” Trump on white supremacist rally, Charlottesville (T)

VX nerve agent killed Kim Jong-nam

Guy Verhhofstadt, European Parliament negotiator: Brexit “waste of time”

Virtue signalling

Venezuela economic crisis

Virgin Care sues NHS

Virgin Care wins £1bn NHS contract

Viagra cleared for over the counter sale from next year

Vaping said to be as dangerous as smoking

Volunteers considered for UK border control

Volcanic activity

Leonardo da Vinci painting, Salvator Mundi, most expensive ever sold





John Wetton, rocker, King Crimson

Don Williams, singer

Adam West, actor, Bat Man

Heinz Wolff, scientist


Harvey Weinstein

Wall at Mexico border (T)

WannaCry cyber attack

Women's March, much bigger crowd in DC the day after the inauguration (T)

Lavinia Woodward, medical student stabbed boyfriend, spared jail

Wagamama staff threatened over Xmas sick leave

Water cremation, dissolving the dead

Walnut Whip, Nestle removes walnut

White supremacists

Serena Williams wins Australian Open while pregnant

Claudia Winkleman revealed to be BBC's highest paid female presenter

Wheat, running through fields of: Theresa May confesses to naughtiest childhood act

Sophia, first robot granted citizenship, Saudi Arabia

Jodie Whittaker, new Dr Who

Tiger Woods arrested for driving while intoxicated

Westminster Bridge attack

Wall at Mexican border (T)

Whitehouse, “a real dump” according to Trump (T)

Whitehouse leaks (T)

Whitehouse Xmas decorations look like “house of horrors” (T)

Frederica Wilson, congresswoman's feud with Trump (T)

Winery – Trump boasts he owns one of largest in US, winery denies it (T)

Gavin Williamson, Defence Secretary keeps tarantula in office

Wood-burning stoves face crackdown




Xi-cc++ - new particle

Xenophobia on rise world-wide




Malcolm Young, AC/DC

Deborah Watling, actress


Yacht lotto, 50 Tory MPs want public to buy Queen new yacht

Youthquake – Oxford Dictionaries' word of the year

Milo Yiannopoulos, controversialist's book deal cancelled

Malala Yousafzai attends Oxford University

Yemen war

Yarl's Wood detention centre abuse

“Yank-shake”, Trump's weird dominance handshake

Yellow car “ruins” tourists photos in scenic Bibury, Gloucestershire

Yiwu-London, longest freight train route in the world



Nanzin Zagari -Ratcliffe, detained in Iran

“Zombie drug”, spice, synthetic marijuana

Zimbabwe military takeover

Zero-hours contacts, Labour's manifesto pledges to ban them

Mark Zuckerberg admits to Facebook fake news failings

Zulu dancers defend blacking up at Lewes Bonfire Night

Summer Zervos, Apprentice contestant sues Trump for sexual misconduct defamation (T)

Zealandia recognised as seventh largest continent