Trump gets a cage

23 June 2018, 20:47 | Updated: 23 June 2018, 20:53


On the subject of taking babies from their parents and putting them in cages, Donald Trump is letting his wife's wardrobe do the talking.

Melania doesn't care and he doesn't care.

And anyway, those babies aren't the best and the finest.

When Mexico sends its babies, they're not sending their best...they're sending babies that have lots of problems...they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists...and some, I assume, are good babies.

The whole world was aghast at this fresh hell that came out of the Trump administration this week.

Even some of his fans stopped cheering him at the sight and sound of children crying in cages.

Foreign governments expressed their dismay and Time magazine placed on its cover a smug Trump lowering over a crying child,

Trump likes Time magazine a lot.

He preened when they made him their Person of the Year, assuming that it was a celebration of his great orange awesomeness and not simply a reflection of him being the most newsworthy person of the previous twelve months.

He likes featuring on the cover so much that he lies about how many occasions that he has featured on it and even had a fake cover made, arms crossed, heavily made up, with a headline boasting about his ratings on the Apprentice TV show that he had framed and hung in his golf clubs.

Time wanted that one taken down and Trump didn't want to see its latest one at all, as it showed him in an unflattering light as a cruel and unusual man so desperately needy that he would pick on children to get his way.

That cover might have been the final push he needed to rescind his policy on separating families which he thought would force the Democrats to fund his big beautiful wall on the border.

The state broadcaster, Fox News, maintained its line that everything Trump does smells of roses and blamed Hilary, or the Democrats, or the Fake News Media for the splitting apart of families.

Trump couldn't do anything to help, they said, it was the law, you see, and God insists that the law is good – says so right there in the Bible, so that's all right then, Jesus is OK with it.

His wife, Melania, went to see the crying children for herself wearing that “I really don't care, do you?” jacket.

That was a middle finger raised to the world, a doubling down from the Trumps, a massive trolling that eclipsed even her husband's worst Twitter outpourings.

There followed more outrage than even Trump could withstand and it forced him to reverse his policy.

With a flourish of his big-boy squiggle on what looked like a restaurant menu, he cast edicts out like a boy throws away a burger wrapper and his minions ran around trying to work out how to adapt to this new direction.

The right wing press was already on-side. They praised Trump for his kind-hearted leadership.

The BS is piling up so fast you need wings to stay above it.

This is the man that we are desperate to ingratiate ourselves with to get a trade deal after we leave the Evil European Empire.

That's not in the least shameful or embarrassing – why would anyone think that?

Our government's attitude to Trump appears to be that we will stick by him no matter what he does, aside from a little light scolding that I am sure is telegraphed to him ahead of time, so as not to make him grumpy.

When it comes to money, it seems that we don't care either.