"10% of police officers have hidden racist views" former Met Police DS reveals

10 July 2020, 10:41

By Adrian Sherling

A former Met Police Detective Superintendent has told LBC that 10% of police officers have "hidden racist views or inequalities" that affect their policing work.

Shabnam Chaudhri told Nick Ferrari that 90% of officers were fundamentally good - but 10% have prejudices that affect how they can do their job.

She said: "There were issues in policing throughout my journey. Not to say I didn't have a fantastic career, but I would say there are challenges internally.

"90% of cops are fantastic, they work hard, they go to work to protect the community and to save lives."

But Nick asked her about that other 10% and she responded: "Let's root out those that have got hidden racist views or hidden inequalities that affect policing and police officers in general.

10% of police officers have racist views, former DS reveals
10% of police officers have racist views, former DS reveals. Picture: LBC / PA

Shebnam was speaking to Nick about the news that the police watchdog is to investigate whether officers racially discriminate against ethnic minorities.

The review will focus on their use of force and stop and search powers, according to the director general of the IOPC Michael Lockwood, the Independent Office for Police Conduct.