A Councillor's Rip-Roaring Story Of Local Government Incompetence

9 March 2018, 08:02 | Updated: 9 March 2018, 08:08

A local councillor called Nick to give a behind-the-scenes look at how his council's ineptitude led to a local paper writing the headline "Sutton's Bin Shame".

Nick Ferrari criticised councils for asking for more money, when they already get £94billion a year - while struggling to collect the bins every week.

Nick Mattey, an independent councillor in Sutton, called in and told a phenomenal story about how the council's incompetence led to large amounts of waste building up in the area.

Nick Ferrari enjoyed Nick's story of council incompetence
Nick Ferrari enjoyed Nick's story of council incompetence. Picture: LBC

He explained the council had appointed contractor Veolia to empty the bins, but had used "not the best" solicitors to draw up the contracts, leading to them being vague.

"It means that Veolia can argue that they are doing the job that they should do, while Sutton can say they're not.

"At the moment, Sutton is withholding 10% of the money it should be paying to Veolia and at the same time, it's saying that there is a 99.5% satisfaction rate. It's incompatible.

"The council has already spent half a million on an IT system to deal with the complaints, which should be a handful and it's spending £17,000 a week to sort it out. It crashed yesterday, so nobody can actually report this.

"This means that large amounts of waste is piling up all over the place and that's why it's called 'Sutton Bin Shame'."

Previously, Nick Ferrari had railed against council's demanding more money.