A 'different breed' of teenagers will turn to crime after lockdown, warns ex-officer

8 February 2021, 08:58

By Fiona Jones

A 'different breed' of teenagers will turn to crime as they have not been sufficiently educated during the lockdown, warns former Met officer Shabnam Chaudhri.

Her comments came as the 22-year-old victim of a "barbaric" stabbing in Kilburn was named as Sven Badzak after a series of brutal knife attacks across London.

Mr Badzak, reportedly a train driver and an aspiring lawyer, had been on his way to Waitrose with his friend to pick up orange juice when they were set upon by a group.

It is understood he was chased down the street by the men before falling to the ground and was savagely attacked with a knife.

The former Met officer commented that this brutal attack on Friday is a "snapshot" of what will become more commonplace in the future.

Ms Chaudhri said there will be "a different breed of young people coming out and..going into criminality because they can't be homeschooled" due to parents working and being unable to give them education.

"I'm not sure we've kept our eye on the ball on that," she said, predicting the intelligence has been "halved" in the police due to the pandemic.

"If we'd had more intelligence Friday, we may have been in a position to have prevented some of those incidents."

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Chief Inspector Guy Ellwood from the Met Police's North West Basic Command Unit spoke on the incident:

“This was a barbaric attack in a public place and the community will be rightly shocked.

"As a result you will see more officers on the streets over the remainder of this weekend and the coming days. If you have any concerns then please speak to them.

“I would also appeal directly to the community – violence of this nature has no place on our streets."