Nick Ferrari: Absolutely No Way Should Isis Schoolgirls Return

15 February 2019, 09:40

Shamima Begum joined an organisation that blew up innocent children in this country. And now she wants to come back to the UK? Absolutely not, says Nick Ferrari.

The schoolgirl ran away with two friends from Bethnal Green to join Isis four years ago as 15-year-olds. Now 19, she is pregnant and keen to return home.

And Nick says her connection to the murderous terrorists means she should not be allowed back into the country.

Speaking on his LBC show, Nick said: "She was 15 when she went. She's had four years in which to show remorse. When she should have been studying for her GCSEs, she was having two children by some ISIS fighter. Sadly neither of them survived, either due to malnutrition or illness - that's awful.

"Now she's pregnant again and she's 19 and she suddenly wants to come back and enjoy all the benefits of the NHS.

"This in a country which the people she's been cavorting with and possibly sleeping with celebrate the fact that this organisation blows up innocent children as they go to pop concert in Manchester or blows up people in London or attacks people in Paris.

"And now she wants to come back. Absolutely no way. I don't care.

Nick Ferrari was very clear that he didn't want Shamima Begum to return
Nick Ferrari was very clear that he didn't want Shamima Begum to return. Picture: LBC

"They've become parts of, recruits of an army that glories in murder, in bombing, in rape, in throwing gay people off the top of tall buildings and we have them back?

"Let's do what the French have done. The children can come - about 140- 150 cases - the children can come back, the mothers can't. That's as far as I'd go, I'd rather not see any of them."