Alan Johnson Accuses Theresa May Of Talking “Rubbish” Over Police Cuts

6 March 2019, 13:36

Former Home Secretary Alan Johnson described Theresa May’s claim that there is “no direct correlation” between violent crime and falling police numbers as “ludicrous”.

He told Nick Ferrari the “only person who believes this rubbish” is the Prime Minister herself.

Today Mrs May announced a summit in Number 10 to deal with the recent rise in knife crime.

She described knife murders as an “appalling tragedy” that “has shocked us all”.

Alan Johnson spoke to LBC on Wednesday
Alan Johnson spoke to LBC on Wednesday. Picture: LBC/PA

On Tuesday Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick rebuked the PM, telling LBC there is “some link” between a reduction in police numbers and rising violent crime.

And Mr Johnson agreed, telling LBC: “To take Theresa May’s point to its logical conclusion, you wouldn’t have any police at all.

“If there was no correlation between crime and police, then you wouldn’t have any police at all.

“You would improve the health service by getting rid of nurses and you’d improve education by getting rid of teachers. I mean it is ludicrous.

“The only person who believes this rubbish is Theresa May and I’m afraid.”