Nick Ferrari calls out Alok Sharma over "working hard" claim

24 June 2020, 12:58

Nick Ferrari told the Business Secretary to stop dismissing criticism by saying that Ministers are "working hard".

On the day after the Prime Minister announced a major easing of the lockdown measures in the UK, Nick asked Alok Sharma why we can go to the pub, but children can't go to school.

Nick said: "It has been announced by Nicola Sturgeon that in Scotland, children can go back to school on 11th August. Should more planning have been done by Gavin Williamson and others to ensure that England could announce a date of some sort?"

Mr Sharma insisted: "We've been very clear... and by the way, Gavin Williamson and the whole team at the Department for Education have been working incredibly hard..."

But Nick told him: "Been working hard. Yes, I knew you were going to say that.

"Everyone works very hard. My dishwasher works hard. It doesn't mean I want it to run the country.

"Do you think they will be back at school, Secretary of State?"

Nick Ferrari spoke to Alok Sharma as the lockdown was being eased
Nick Ferrari spoke to Alok Sharma as the lockdown was being eased. Picture: LBC

Mr Sharma responded: "I certainly want to make sure that all children are back..."

But again Nick said: "No, it wasn't a question of what you want, Sir, it was a question of how confident you are that all children will be back as of September. Are you confident that will take place?"

The Business Secretary said: "I am confident that we will ensure that schools will be safe places for people to return to.

"And of course, we have to work with parents, with trades unions to make sure that collectively, we are helping to get children back to school."