Andrea Leadsom Backs Boris Johnson For Prime Minister - Exclusive

18 June 2019, 08:25 | Updated: 18 June 2019, 08:37

Former Conservative leadership candidate Andrea Leadsom has told LBC she is backing Boris Johnson to be the next Prime Minister.

Ms Leadsom, who was Leader of the House under Theresa May, said she believes the former Foreign Secretary is the man best placed to deliver Brexit and bring the Conservatives back together.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, she said: "I'm going to be backing Boris Johnson for the next Prime Minister.

"Essentially, there's two key reasons. One is I think he is the best placed to get us out of the EU at the end of October. His view and mine are closely aligned there.

Andrea Leadsom is backing Boris Johnson
Andrea Leadsom is backing Boris Johnson. Picture: PA / LBC

"Secondly, I do believe he is an election winner. He is someone who can bring the country and the party back together and take us forward in a positive way.

"And the third thing which is more nuanced really is that he and I share a scepticism about the HS2 project on the grounds of value for money.

"But he, at the same time, has a big commitment to improving infrastructure in the country to a pro-business agenda that will really get our ecomony to be motoring, which is essential in a post-Brexit world."