Andrea Leadsom Hints At What Boris Johnson's Plan For No-Deal Brexit Could Be

17 July 2019, 10:23 | Updated: 17 July 2019, 10:29

Andrea Leadsom hinted at how Boris Johnson may take the UK out of the European Union without a deal by timing the start of his new government.

A report today suggested that the favourite to be the next Prime Minister is considering a plan to suspend parliament for the final two weeks of October.

That would mean MPs would be unable to block a no-deal Brexit.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, Ms Leadsom said: "I do not think that prorogation is a tactic that any Prime Minister would employ.

"But there are different aspects to this. Prorogation can take place in the event a General Election is called, or a decision to prorogue at the end of a session. All of these things are very well-established parliamentary procedures.

"Boris is quite clear we are going to leave the EU, we're going to re-unite the country, then we're going to defeat Jeremy Corbyn in that order. We need to get on with it."

Did Andrea Leadsom hint at Boris Johnson's Brexit plan?
Did Andrea Leadsom hint at Boris Johnson's Brexit plan? Picture: PA / LBC

Theo Usherwood explained what this might mean. He said: "It looks something like a plan from Leadsom.

"On the week commencing 14th October, Boris Johnson suspends Parliament, following the longest session since World War II.

"On 31st October, the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

"Then, in the week of 4th November, it is clear that Boris won't be able to pass a Queen's Speech. And so he calls a General Election, having delivered Brexit."